First experience with soy meat.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Lately, more and more you can see how people who are vegetarians are popularising vegetarian foods. You can see more and more shops with a lot of interesting foods. So in a face those who says vegetarian eats only leaves.

Yesterday I visited one really amazing vegetarian shop in Riga's centre and bought some cool stuffs. Today I will tell you my opinion about them and how I liked them.

I bought vegan sausages which were made from  plants, but I won't be able to tell you from what plants exactly. Anyway, I tried one today and they tasted exactly the same as the real sausages I was eating when I was a little kid. You can't really tell a difference between theses one and the real ones.

Then I bought tofu pate with greens and again you are not able to tell the difference between this and the real one because they taste the same. This tofu pate maybe is even better, because it's a bit spicy.

And now the fun begins. If it's pretty clear how to eat those two then for beginners it can be kind of confusing how to make soy meat.

My friend (she's a vegan) once made these and I immediately wanted to try these at home.

At first, you need to take those soy balls and put them in hot water. You need to add some spices in the water because soy will absorb all the water and it won't be without any taste. Leave them in the water or 20 minutes.

For the water, I used this little cute spices mix. There's garlic, dill and parsley.It's so sad that I can't give you it to smell it because I'm sure you all would love it. It smells like absolutely perfect just opened bag of chips haha.

Ater 20 minutes you take soy balls out of the water and bake them. Here you can absolutely free yourself. Add whatever you like. I was a little bit scared at first time, so I baked them together with ketchup and it was absolutely yummy. Absolutely basic, but for the first time while you're not so sure what you are doing it's okay.

Next time I want to try them with soy sauce. The good thing with this oy is that in shops you can find it many different shapes adapting to the dishes you want to cook.

Whit this you are also able to confuse meat eaters, because honestly, you are not able to tell the difference. It's even a bit scary, I had to double check that it's really soy. Maybe more sensitive eaters will spot the difference feeling the soy taste in it as the same like for soy milk.

Easy peasy and absolutely vegan!

I hope you enjoyed.

All the love. Annie xx


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