Festival ''Saldus Sun''

Hello, my lovely readers.

I'm back with the second part as I promised. Actually, I really love these series blog posts. The emotions are still alive from yesterday ( considering I have slept like 4 hours only) and that's why let's not wait any longer.

The first thing we did when we got to Saldus - we explored the city. Saldus is a small city 119km's away from Riga.

What I can say about Saldus from the 15 hours I spent there, is that it's a really green city with lots of nice nice people and really low prices for ice-cream ( yaasss). These two photos are taken from Cieceres nature trail. It's a cute trail on wooden bridges and while you walk you can see a lot of cute flowers and trees.

We also went to see the Saldus lake which was a bit away from the city centre. We had to walk through the living area, and that's when I understood how much I would love to live in such a small city where everyone knows everyone and there's such a beautiful nature. Ohh and another reason for living here is the delicious milk candies they make and honey.

Here you can see that in the house lived a legendary Latvian musician and composure Ēriks Ķiģelis. His song ''Saldus saule'' ( the same name as for the festival) ( you can see a video of it at the end of this post) is an anthem for this festival. He was one of the best rock musicians in Latvia's history. So basically, you ca say that Saldus is also known for a good music.

Sadly, we didn't walk a lot more in Saldus, because we needed to save efforts for the night, and this and some more places I didn't take in photos where the only places we saw. So that's why we will need to go back there, but now let's talk more about the festival.

Happy faces at the beginning of the festival. The main stage was on the bandstand and we all people were sitting in podium and it was really easy to see everything even if you were sitting really far from stage.

The first group was Opus-Pro. They as all the other who played last night are legendary Latvian rock bands and every Latvian knows lyrics to their songs. After them on stage came the best of the best ''Līvi'' this group is pure legends. Sadly, a lot of members are already gone, but as you see their music is still alive and will be alive for the next 100 years. Because look at me 20 years old and I know lyrics to all these songs that where made at least 10 years before I was born.

And here you can see our happy faces with one of the members from Līvi Ainars Virga.

After them on stage came group called ''Dzelzs Vilks'' which is a bit more modern and younger rock band.

Look, we are slaying again. Picture with the Dzeldz vilks main soloist.

After these two more legends came on the stage - Ivo Fomins and band Jumprava. The best about festivals like this is that here comes all ages people. Young, old, kids, grandmas and grandpas. Everyone comes, sings along, dances and spends perfect time in true Latvian kind of way.

And then was the time for the culmination. As I mentioned before Ēriks Ķigelis kind of wrote Saldus saule anthem and when it was midnight his son with his group played this song and the fireworks were happening over our heads. That was a feeling you can describe in words. It's something so magical and special. And the best about that is that you are a part of those people, standing there and singing your heart out in our beautiful language.

Honestly, with this all the fun ended. Because after these came out a Latvian rapper and one group which has nothing to do with rock and I honestly kind of felt like they destroyed it all. But it's only my opinion. But the very last band was okay again so it all ended with  a nice note.

Here's the song for you all.

Next year Saldus Saule will turn 30 years old. See you next year!!

All the love. Annie xx


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