Feeling the wind in Valmiera

Hello , my lovely readers.

I'm back with another adventure. Well.. it's summer, of course, it has to be full with many different adventures. This time, Jeanette and I decided to go Valmiera and, of course,our little trip was full with many interesting things.

Valmiera is one of the oldest towns in Latvia. It's 107 km's away from Riga and only 50km's away from Estonia's border. It's also the second city in Latvia  which is divided in half by river, the other one being Riga.

Our day started early. So coffee before the long way was a must. Thanks to my amazing colleague who made us delicious delicious coffee. Also, you all can see how my new hair looks like. I'm officially a blondie now haha. Btw I might warm you that here will a lot of pictures. 

Another selfie in the bus station. We really wanted to go by bus this time and we had a real heartbreak when we saw that we will be driving with a minibus. Anyway, we got in the bus with nice music in our ears and we were ready for the ride. 

Hello, Valmiera. After 1 hour and 50 minutes long ride we were in Valmiera. This trip was a bit more organised that the one to Tukums because in the previous evening I did a little research what kind of things we should see. Most of them were natural objects.The thing I did really wrong with my ''research'' was that I didn't check how to get there from a bus station or at least where they were.( I wouldn't be the best of guide haha) So the first thing we did, we searched the huge supermarket and found there a map of Valmiera and then we were ready to go to our first stop. 

On our way to the first stop, we saw a lot of beautiful nature. That's the thing about Latvia, we might not the biggest and richest  country but the pure gold is our nature and I wouldn't change it for any skyscrapers or shopping centres. 

Our first stop and actually the main stop was bare feet feeling park which means that there's a trail with many different floorings.The beginning of the trial was with rocks, glass beads, cones and muds. All in different baths and you need to cross them. I'm very used to walking with bare feets being the nature loving person I am. Jeanette ,on the other hand, had  little problems crossing these.

Then there started a lot of different barriers made from tree. It was kind of nice relaxation after all those different floorings from beginning. Some of them were easy some a bit difficult but fun. 

If you ever visit Latvia and somehow make it to Valmiera then it's a must to visit this park. It's really amazing, you get to not only enjoy walking bare feet but also see the amazing nature. 

Jeanette was really slow at these but at least I got time to make some selfies. 

This part was definitely my favourite part. There loads of different makings from a tree. As you can see on this one, there was circle, zigzags and more more more. The best part about it was that it didn't hurt at all. 

Jeanette sending me dead glare - Why did I agree to this? It was all your idea. Never never again!

And the end of this was this cute clay pit which was pretty deep as you can see. And it was damn cold too. 

With very dirty feet but look how happy I look. After this, all was over and we washed our feets at the registration we sit down to let ur feets dry...and guys I actually can't describe how amazing feeling was.Feets felt relaxed and full with energy. That's why they say that our feets are the mirror to our whole body. 

This was the view we saw while walking in the feeling park. It also gave us a lot of positive feelings and emotions. This is river Gauja. 

Happy happy happy. And then it was time to get some food. 

After we had a nice lunch, we needed to decide what will be our next stop. We went into this cute information centre where the nice lady told a lot of nice places we can see. The bad thing it was already late afternoon and we were planning to get home in the same day. Here, I also bought some cute souvenirs for home and also took a lot of booklets from different Latvia's cities to decide which will be the next city we will visit. 
The nice lady (also Jeanette already knew about this) told us to visit the old narrow-gauge railway bridge which now is made for pedestrians and cyclists. 

They say you need to make a wish on every bridge you walk for the first time. At that moment I was wishing that the wind would stop and life would not give me so much Merilyn Monroe moments. 

I was really surprised about the fact that there were nothing left from the tracks...absolutely nothing. They sure thing made a good job. 

After all this, long walk in the city and shopping in some cute little shops it was time for a coffee break next to Gauja. Nice relax after a long long day. Also, after this it was time to go home. 

Happy girls on our ay to bus station and saying Bye and See you soon again to Valmiera.

This was one really really nice trip, thanks Jeanette for the idea to go here. My turn to think about the next trip.

Hope you enjoyed

All the love. Annie 


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