Exploring new city.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Summer is the time when you can fully enjoy being a tourist right? And it absolutely doesn't matter if you go across the ocean or just drive one hour with a train.  Well...I think Jeanette and I should start our own video diaries or a website where we share our adventures and our little trips.

It was totally normal Wednesday morning and we were planned to meet laters and go grab some coffee. Somehow we both manage to make a deal that we are going to another city. And this is where the fun starts. 

The beginning f our little but totally amazing adventure. We both decided to go to Tukums. It's a small city in Latvia 68km away from Riga. I have been in lot of places in Latvia but turns out I have never been to Tukums so it was extra exciting for me.

Took our daily coffee and it was time to catch the train. We were really lucky because when we got in the Central Statin it showed us that after 10 minutes our train will leave. Perfect. Just enough time t buy tickets. Just an hour and you are out of the capital city and into whole new word.

With a lot of raining, talks and laugh we got safely to Tukums. Before you manage to think...no we didn't know where we would go or what we would see also we didn't have maps or something that would show us the right ways.We needed t figure everything out.

You see the thing about other cities in Latvia is that they all have the main street called Riga's street. Usually, this street is in the centre. So that's why we found the street and soon we were in the Tukums centre.

First, thing we wanted t do was to find a nice place where to eat lunch because it already was 4pm and we both had only breakfast. We found this really cute place called ''Zodiac'' Jeanette said that we need to go in there that it will be the real place. And I'm glad we went there. I got this natural lemonade with ginger and rhubarb.So perfect. After we had lunch we had  anice chat with the lady from the cafe.

Tukums centre was full of roses like this. That's the thing I love the most about smaller  cities - the centre is full of nature.

With our tummies full we are ready to go to next stops. While I don't forget we went to one supermarket here and turns out they sell freshly washed fruits packed in cute little bags and you can buy one of them for like 0,30 cents. I was shocked because in Riga we don't have anything like that.

Cute paintings on the streets of Tukums. Of course, we had to take pictures. Also, you can see my beautiful henna tattoo. 

There's this saying - Uz Tukumu pēc smukuma. If we translate this then it goes something like - To Tukums after cuteness. Well....we just had to take a selfie here haha.

Our next stop was Durbes palace. It was a long way from the city centre and it was raining at that moment. You can see the dark clouds. There's this old legend that a girl felt in love with  a man who was already married. His wife being jealous made four of her dogs... really angry dogs, chew that girl till death. In the place where the dogs reached that girl have been placed 5 stones...1 for the girl and 4 for the dogs. Also, there is this little chapel where both the girl and the man are bricked.

I have never been a fan of legends like this. And at that moment, when it's just two of us in the middle of forest talking about things like that....quite scary. Especially, when Jeanette goes all like - look who's walking behind us! C'mon I'mtwentyt I won't fall for these tricks anymore...turns out there was really an old lady walking her dog....scary because we had absolutely no idea where she came from...time to leave.

Rain won't stop us from adventures. At least, we got an umbrella with us haha.

Our time to shine. Durbes band stage. Totally empty in the middle of a forest. Let's sing. 

On our way home it's time to go back to childhood a bit. Spinning around and driving in a little car. It was the first time in ever when I felt like my legs are too long.

And after this, it was time to get back to  the station and get in the train. And again we are lucky, 6 minutes till train. That's how you do it!! Thank you Jeanette for the perfect day!

Next week we plan to have another trip to another city, also there's a road trip with my mum and sister planned. So stay connected and wait what other cool adventures will happen with me this summer.

All the love. Annie xx


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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I love exploring my country and I always find hidden gems :) Love to read more about your adventures! x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me