Double interview with Lani Rae.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Many of you already know that I want to be a journalist...if you didn't know the now you do. So I have decided to post some interview on my blog.Don't worry, you will still get review and adventure posts. This is like another thing to add. I will start with my friends twitter friends and family talking about some different topics or trying to get to know someone who I don't know that well. But who knows what or who this interviews will be after some time right?

My first interview will be with Lani Rae .We both decided to do a double interview. So my answers to her questions you can see on her blog.  This is going to be about  different topics not about only one. I hope you will enjoy and don't forget to check Lani's blog!!

Annie - Tell me more about your hometown. Do you love your hometown? Which are your favourite places?

Lani - My hometown is Auckland, New Zealand! My hometown is a suburb just out of the main city, it is very bushy and foresty. I love it very very much and I would have to say my favourite place would be either the waterfront in the city or the village in my hometown. 

A - How did you start blogging? Who inspired you to start a blog?

L - I started blogging because I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions with the world! I would have to say that amazing bloggers such as Tanya Burr or Zoe Sugg inspired to start a blog, but a lot of my reasoning was on my own accord, as I had always loved writing from a very young age. 

A- Have your personality changed in last years and if yes then how?

L - I believe that I have become much more mature in the past few years ( as you do as years pass, ha ha!), and have learnt a lot about who I was to become and what my goals in life are. I love having a blog as it means I can really document these changes and look back on my blog is the years to come.

A - What do you think is the best side of blogging?

L - I think the best side of blogging is being able to meet amazing like minded people who know what you are going through when blogging....the friendships you make are like no other!

A - Do you want to keep blogging in your future and if yes then how do you plan to do it?

L - I 100% want to keep blogging in the future! I plan to simply keep doing what I am doing, and hopefully my blog will continue to grow :) 

Her beautiful hometown!! 

A - How do you see yourself in 10-15  years? Do you think you will be more of a family person or a career person?

L - I find it so hard to look that far into the future! All I desire for myself is to be healthy and happy, and for the people around me to look at the same. I think I would have hopefully found a balance between my career and my family life,so a bit of both!

A- Which are your favourite books? Why are they your favourite?

L - My favourite books are romantic novels, I find the stories to the loves of the characters so heart-warming!

A - Do you have any nicknames and if yes is there a story how you get them?

 L - My grandma often calls me Lanipops, and has done ever since I can remember! I'm not too sure how it cam about though...

A - What kind of music do you listen to? Is there any song you can listen over and over again?

L - I usually listen to pop music, but I do love the acapella group called Pentatonix, they are so talented!

A - Tell me about the last time you felt the happiest.

L - The last time I felt the happiest would have to be yesterday when I went on a shopping trip with my best friend. Not only was the shopping fun, but being with her made my mood 100 times better

Thank you all very much for reading and also a big thanks to Lani for agreeing to do this with me.
If you are interested to do somethin simillar to this feel free to contact me here, on Twitter or Facebook. I will be happy!

Hope you enjoyed.

All the love. Annie xx


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  1. Oh this was different but very good! :D
    It's great how you both made us know the person a bit better in only few questions :)
    I also love romantic novels and Pentatonix :)

    Honey - Royal Lifestyle