Chocolate Brown to Blonde.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Today let's talk about hair.

You all have definitely noticed that in a short time I have turned blonde from very dark brown. What made me change my mind? My mum had this habit of keeping a little piece of my hair from every cutting when I was a kid. And it was the beginning of January when we found these and to be honest I was very shocked....

Here's my childhood's hair. I won't be able to tell you how old I was by these but look at the very beginning. I was blonde. (well, that explains a lot haha) So when I saw this I thought wouldn't it be nice to have blonde hair all over again. And they say that blondes have more fun so why not to try. 

Here I am last summer with very dark brown hair. This hair colour is not my natural one. (Oh hey look a cat in this picture,of course, haha) Naturally, my hair colour is something like very light brown.

Here you can see me at my graduation. ( Heeyy Laima !! ) A day before my graduation, which was last June, I coloured my hair and they looked almost black as you can see. Thanks to the hot and sunny summer after months the colour faded. 

This is how my hair looked in September. I didn't do anything with them until January. Actually, I really loved this stage of my hair. They were so long and looked so shiny in the sun. 

And here's me in January, of course, with a coffee cup haha. You can't really see a lot of difference,just a little bit at hair roots. I remember how disappointed I was when they didn't turn out as I imagined. But then I was like cmon Annie, you had almost black hair before what did you expect, of course, it will take some time. Especially, I was doing this all at home with a help from my mum and sister. Of course, it all would be much faster if I went to the salon, but I wanted to do it myself. 

March came to a lot lighter and here you can see that my hair looks like freshly made honey. It was alright for some time, but I was not ging to stop. 

This was probably the longest my hair has ever been. Usually, I'm like okay thank you but I need you to be short now.I was really proud of myself. This was also the last day for my hair with this colour because.....

It was my first time and probably also the last time I tried colouring shampoos. My friend Annie gave me this t try....I'm not sure why it went so wrong, maybe I just did something wrong. I was such a fox. No jokes, I had these orange tights and they were matching with my hair. And it wasn't washing out. Also, my hands were yellow and looked like  had some surgery went bad, Wel.l. it doesn't look so bad at this picture, but it was so bad. I'm smiling but crying inside. 

And then I did this. Goodbye, long hair. It was one day when I thought that maybe I need some changes...and in next day my mum had scissors in er hand and she asked me if I was ready. I can tell you that I absolutely don't regret cutting my hair. They look much healthier now and it's easier for me after all those months with long hair haha. The funniest about cutting your hair short is probably that feeling you get waking up next morning and you don't understand why your head is so light, then you try to brush your hair and remember when your hand flies in nowhere. 

And here's my latest work with my hair. Now I'm officially  a blondie and it took me only half a year to from dark browns hair till this. Honestly, I like myself with this hair much better.Also, many of my friends said that I look older. 

Don't be afraid to try something new and different!!

Hope you enjoyed.

All the love. Annie xx


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