Hello, my lovely readers.

As many of you know it's my birthday today ( woohooo) I'm turning 20 can you imagine...So exciting. Any way today was really nice day. Everyone's been so sweet and nice and I have been smiling the whole day. Also, as last year I made a blog post about the activities I did on my 19th birthday and today you all will find out how today went.

I didn't have any huge party or something, but still it was one of the best days.

I will start with the SPA. So, my amazing sister and I went to SPA today. We were in one, where the person who's having birthday can enjoy everything for let's see how it went.

This SPA wasn't really huge. It was small and cozy and it had enough space for everyone. My favourite place for those two hours was definitely this jacuzzi ( you can see how happy I am) the water was really really warm and all the bubbles made you feel really relaxed.

Behind me, you can see the huge swimming pool. Well, to be honest I am not the swimmer, just got in there for 5 minutes and it was enough for me. Also, the water in the pool was really really least, that's how it felt after the jacuzzi.

This is exactly how excited we were before going into all the pools and baths.
There were also tree different saunas and we went in all of them. It was so hot in there and they all were different, One of them felt like we were in alps...I'm not really sure why I felt like that, but it just felt like that. Another one was with salt and third on was aromatic. Loved all f them, only I'm not that durable when it's so hot

Also, my sister got me an cocktail and of course I got myself  Pina Colada. Sorry not sorry, I really enjoyed it.

Another thing what I really liked was the hot and cold baths for foots. Something really similar to the feeling  park back in Valmiera. The cold bath was 10 degrees and the hot bath was 40 degrees. Funny is that if you step in the cold was first then it feels like it would be -20 or something, and when you step in the hot ones it doesn't feel that hot at all.

SPA was absolutely amazing thing to do on a birthday so if your birthday is coming please go to SPA you won't regret it.

Now let's talk about present I got from my mum and my dear friend  Laima !! Other present are coming later, because all couldn't make it today and also I didn't want a huge party.

Anyway, so both my mum and Laima made me presents considering tings I like and have talked about how much I would love to have them.

My mum, as mums do, got me also some delicious things for vegetarians and also the baby porridge, because I once was talking about how delicious they are and how I will steal it from my kids haha. Also, I got rose-hip syrup for my health and also happiness tea. (Going to be all the time happy now haha) Ohhhh and also she got the white chocolate with meadow flowers...this is something only Latvians can make I think haha.

Those who follows me on twitter maybe remembers that once I was talking about that my mum promised to get me a dog. Last month I was trying really hard to let her see that I really really want a dog for my birthday...and Hello mum jokes. She got me this cute little key chain as a least now I can say I got a dog for my birthday hahah. Also, I got a dreamcatcher, two pairs of new earrings and some more small cute things. Mum packed them all separate so I took me some time till I get them all.

Look at this cute chocolate. It says that today is the best day to start. And on the other side thee's written that scientists have proved that one glass of red wine and one chocolate bar can make  your life for at least six years longer.


I must say that I knew Laima was up to something, because she once texted me and our other friend ?( we all three have group chat) asking us to name all the heartthrobs we can name. I couldn't imagine she was making a card but damn this is good.

And also now we both have our own Ryan Gosling.....and not only one but two of them. She also got me earring with Harry Styles ( insert fangirl screaming here)  and cats. You can rad on her blog how she was making these. Absolutely amazing!!!

Also, she made by her own ( !!!!!!) the anti-stress book where I can find cute little drawing like this one, There is also one with R for my last name. And at the end you can see the mini version of the card's photos Laima said the pocket version you can always take it with you.

She also gave me another pair of earring which I have wanted for ages and I honestly have no idea where she got them, and also lots of temporary tattoos ( you can see a bit of them in the picture) I'm going this weekend to one festival so I will put some on!!!

And of course I got a lot of cute flowers. My mum got me meadow flowers called cornflowers, which are my favourite flowers and Laima got me the so called money flowers and some other ones in a  cute little flowerpot with saying - let it be, let it grow. Let's hope they will grow!!

A very very happy birthday girl is saying a huge huge thank you to everyone who remember my day and wished me so many nice words. I love you all to the moon and back. I have the best family and the best friends in the whole words. I can describe in words how much you all mean to me.

Cheers everyone!!!


The old lady Annie xx


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  1. I love that card!! Such a masterpiece! I NEED it as a wallpaper!
    Also, the hashtag! :D
    Once again - happy birthday, bebe! :* :)

  2. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a really fantastic day! The spa looks amazing - I absolutely love jacuzzis as well, I never want to get out! Piña colada is my all time favourite cocktail - excellent choice! What a fab birthday card as well, I would definitely stick that up on my wall haha 😉

    Abbey ✨