Outfit Of The Day Feat. H&M

Hello, my lovely readers.

It's been one crazy month and I'm sure you all can agree with me that summer is probably one of the busiest time of the year. Everyone's having birthdays and garden parties and you just have to find the time to join them all.

So that's one of the biggest reasons why I have been so quiet on my blog and also twitter. But now I'm sure it will change ( yes, I know I say it every time). Today I will all show you pictures from one nice day with my dear friend Ilva. You might remember her from the wintery photoshoot we had back in February.

The story behind this is that once again I wanted some really nice pictures but this time, I wanted them without coats and wet hair. So finally we both had free days and it was sunny so it meant only one thing.

I'm wearing my amazing jean jacket from H&M which I got last year. I got my huge love for jean jackets from my dad, he was always having a  jean jacket in summer just as I am now. This jacket has the perfect colour and it goes well with every clothes. Doesn't matter if I want to look sporty or fancy it will still look god.

Anway, Ilva told me to take it off because without it pictures look better. And you can better see my new green dress also from H&M. I'm a huge fan of dresses and I',m one of the girls who thinks that dresses can never be too many. This was one was only 10 pounds so I thought why not to take two. And yes I got another one with roses.

On my lips, I also have H&M  product, but I must say I'm not very happy about this one. I thought I will absolutely love this one, the colour is perfect and at the time when I got this, I was a bit obsessed with liquid lipsticks. It is really hard to make the tone look uniform on the whole lips and also it's pretty sticky after you apply it. But, oh I love the tone.

These shoes are basically my favourite pair I have ever bought. I got them from my graduation and I just can't get over how perfect they are. Just the same as my jean jacket these ones goes perfectly with everything. Of course not with the sporty kind of clothes haha. And no, these ones are not from H&M. haha.

I'm saying the biggest thank you to Ilva for making me look all modely and stuff. I will never never stop admiring her talent for making such a nice pictures. The girl has a serious talent. 

Plus you all finally can see how my short hair looks. I hope you enjoyed this. 

All the love. Annie. xx


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