Midsummer celebrations Latvian style.

Hello , my lovely readers.

Midsummer is probably one of the  nicest time in Summer. For us Latvians, it is also the most Latvian time of the year. So that's why I will tell you all the  things you need to know how we do it.

''Ligo'' (that's what we call the national holiday) is the most important. It's a pagan tradition when Latvians celebrates the shortest night by staying up to greet the rising sun. In the Baltics ( especially Latvia and Estonia) Midsummer/ Jāņi/Jaanipaev is a big deal just the same as St Patrick's Day in Ireland or Bastille Day in France. Midsummer is celebrated on June 23.

Treu Līgo and Jāņi are always celebrating in the countryside. It looks very funny when you come back to a city earlier and you see the whole city centre quiet and empty. Because everyone's going somewhere next to nature, because there is always the best celebrations. This is the time when there's no wi-fi around us, just old good traditions and nature.

Another important thing for Jāņi is that wherever you are there has to be a bonfire. And we all need to jump over it,it's quite funny because no one really remembers why we have to do it. We just know, it's Jaņi and it's a must.

Many people on Jāņi wears our medieval national costumes. And it just proves what I said before we have lots of modern clothes shops but still when the time comes we don't forget about our traditions and it's not a big deal if you walk around in it the city centre.

Another think we have to have in Jāni is our flower crowns. We always search for the best flowers in the nearest meadow and pick up all the cute flowers and make garlands. Garlands of flowers put around one's head were a thing in the Baltic long before the first hippie and hipster communities. There's even this saying - Latvian girls wore flowers crowns before it was cool and it's pretty true.A special oak leave wreath is usually worn by everyone names Jānis ( hey my dad is Jānis). When the celebrations are over, girls are free to fling their crowns up into an oak tree - how many thrown it takes to get it stick up there, that many years till you get married. Also, you can throw it into a  lake and in which side it swims out from that side your groom will come.

Let's not forget all the eating traditions we also have. You have to drink lots of beer in Jāņi, it's basically one huge beer festival with national traditions. Also, eat lots of Jāņu cheese with caraway seeds. The point of this all is that you have to have lots of food even if you won't eat it all.

Also, let's not forget all the singing and dancing, which is probably the most important thing after ou have ate and drank beer. We Latvians all sing and dance no matter what and we have lots of Līgo songs and most of them also you ar able to hear this night. Singing and dancing is also the best way how to actually stay awake the whole night.

So for the big this is it you should now. It is really hard to explain this all by words, this is the thing you have to feel for your own.No words can explain all the things we feel that night with our cutest songs and national costumes.

I'm really really proud that I can be a part of such a nice festival every year!

And at the end some pictures from this years midsummer, we celebrate next to beach!!

I hope you enjoyed.
All the love. Annie


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  1. It looks amazing! Something I'd love to be a part of...
    I love this tradition, hope you had a great time!

    xo Honey
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