Lush Bubblegum lip scrub.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Must say that June has come with one really sad new. Lush cosmetics are closing their shops in Latvia, which means it's going to be another exotic brand we will be able to buy only when traveling.

Which is really sad, even if I wasn't the regular customer, most of the times I just went there to smell things and went out. So that's why today  I went there one last time and this time I really  bought something.

Firstly, let's talk more about lip scrubs.

We girls need to treat our lips too, bot only body and face. After all the lipsticks and things (especially after the peel- off lipstick haha ) we put on them they need a good treat. We must scrub the exterior layer of our lips to keep them smooth and kissable.

Lip scrub, like all the other body scrubs, uses a gritty substance that to exfoliate the surface layers when rubbed on your lips. Lip scrub removes the dead outer surface of your lips, but unlike body scrubs, they are generally safe if ingested.

So now let's focus on the Lush lip scrub. I must say this was probably first and last time I ever bought something this expensive which can be easily made home. Basically, this is just sugar with a nice smell and nice pink colour. But c'mon we only live once and once in  a while we can treat ourselves, right?

Basically, that's the only negative ( it wasn't even that negative I must say) thing I can say about this cute little thing. This one smells and TASTES amazing like some really nice memories from childhood. It perfectly takes away the dead skin on your lips, leaves them soft, nourished and with  a nice smell and taste. The perfect thing to use before going to date.

Another thing I absolutely love about this is that you don't buy half full tube. It's filled with the scrub till the very top. So at least you know that you haven't bought air.

Doesn't test on animals? Do I have to say something more? I think I have said enough about how amazing Lush is and proves it with every product.

What is your favourite Lush product??

All the love. Annie xx


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