Amway Refreshing Body Wash.

Hello, my lovely readers.

It's Fridaaayyy,

I hope you all had a great weekend. In Latvia it was freaking hot imagine the  hottest place on earth....yep that's how it was here.

This weather also asks for extra care for your skin. So I think this is the best time when you can try out new products for your skin. And why not to try a new shower gel? My mummy had a birthday some weeks back and one of her friends gave her this Amway body wash. Honestly, I'm hearing about this company first time. So let's take a closer look.

In 1959, Amway launched a business model fueled through the power of relationships. The original product offered in this model was Liquid Organic cleaner. It was the first concentrated, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly cleaning product. Since then, Amway has expanded from home products to a global leader in the categories of health and beauty.

Rich DeVos says: ''We were just two guys from Ada, Michigan, The USA, who wanted to have a business of our own. We were two kids ( it still feels like that sometimes) who were hungry for success and who wanted to give others the chance to be in business for themselves, too'' (For those who don't know Amway kind of works the same as Avon - you can join the team and work as a consultant) Amway late founder, Jay Van Andel, said of the company, '' Amway gets people into a new life of excitement, promise, profit and hope.'' Amway now operates in more than 100 countries and territories all around the world.

There are so many products you can find in Amway starting from beauty products and ending with cooking things. And the best is that it's all organic.

So now let's talk more about this exact body wash.

This body  comes from Amway Body series. Range of body care products contains high-performance moisturisers, soaps and body washes,body gels, deodorants and antiperspirants designed for all your skincare needs.

This concentrated moisturising body wash is designed to use in the shower. Conditioning formula cleanses your skin with mild ingredients obtained from corn and coconuts. A special deodorising fragrance helps to keep you fresh. pH - balanced. Without added dyes. Moisturising formula leaves the skin. soft. Rinses cleanly and leaves no soap film left on the skin. Gentle on all skin types.

So if you are looking for something all natural then this body wash will be the perfect for you.

All the love. Annie xx


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