Always love your country!

Hello, my lovely readers on this beautiful May day.

Do you actually believe that it's already May? It felt like December two days ago. Anyway, I can happily say that y favourite time of the year is here. People say that you feel the best at the season when you were born, which is weird because I was born in summer.

May is not only a beautiful month and the last stop before summer, it's also a very important month for my country Latvia. And today I want to talk with you all how important it actually is to always remember where you were born and love your home.

4th of May is our Independence day and for a small country as Latvia, it's always a big deal. We all are celebrating, singing and dancing. I will always remember the one year when the Ice hockey Championships were happening and our team had a game at 4th of May. I think the emotions we all had that day were incredible. You can't even explain just have to feel it.

I love very much how whenever we have some important date coming all the Latvians puts a little flag on jacket exactly where the heart is or puts a Latvian flag's bracelet as I have done. (you can see it in the picture. Also, the yellow one is with Latvian characters.)  

Here you can see all the Latvian signs. They all have a different meaning and each of them protects you and others from something different. For example, the one I have on my yellow bracelet is called ''Ūsiņš'' and it gives the wearer success on the road, New beginning. Makes stronger. You can choose which one you need the most at the moment and then it always helps you.

I have decided to make a tattoo as one of these signs. And currently, I'm looking at all the meanings to choose one, which will always help me.

There's going to happen a lot of changes for me in September, with all the moving to UK and everything. So I want to make this tattoo to always know where I belong and what I am. Because no matter where I live and how long I live there I will always be a Latvian and proud to be.

I think those are the little things in life that makes me understand how proud I am of my country. Every hockey game when we win. Every celebration. All the happy faces. How always at some celebration all the Latvians loves to drink beer and sing all the good Latvians songs. I think that many people from other countries don't understand things we find cool and enjoy doing. And that makes us unique.

One time my friends told me - Annie, you don't look like the typical Latvian girl, but you are probably the one who I can say is true Latvian. And i think she might be actually true. all my family is true Latvians and we don't have any other bloods running.

So I hope you understand my love to my country. I know that maybe sometimes I don't show it as much...but the truth is that no matter what I always will be a Latvian and a part of the small beautiful Latvia.

I hope you enjoyed.

Here's a little video for you to see ho beautiful Latvia is.

All the love. Annie xx


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  1. OMG I'm so glad someone is doing this kind of posts! ♥
    I totally understand the big love for your country as I myself am that way. My friends mostly aren't like me and they don't understand the rush I get when I hear out anthem and why I usually tear up.
    When I go to other countries, I always bring our national colored shirts and hats, bracelets and everything I own (haha) so I could feel more comfortable :)

    Latvia seems beautiful! Love your country and be proud!!
    P.S. I'm curious which sign you'll use for a tattoo. Also, it would be cool if you made a post just with these signs and explanations, I love those :D

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle