River side.

Hello, my lovely readers.

It's been a couple of really amazing days. Yesterday my sister and I went to a hockey game and even if our team lost, e still had really nice time. Today was another game and this time they won. So all is good.

Today we also had a really nice time, we went for a walk in our neighborhood, fed ducks and again had a really nice time. But let's now focus on the outfit of the day.

The shoes I'm wearing is probably my all time favourite shoes I have ever bought ( the only competitor is probably the converse sneakers.) The heel is not very high, but it makes me feel much taller than actually I am and it's really easy to walk with them. Got them two years ago, bu they still look as new.

Skinny jeans are life right? If specially if they are in a cute champagne colour and you got them only for 10 euros. They only bad thing about these is that every little thing is visible, So if you are just as lame as I am,who drops something always when is eating, you have to be extra careful


The best thing about having an older sister, who has the same size as you, is that you can steal each other clothes. Stole the black coat from my sister.

The royal blue jumper I'm wearing I got in BigBok. Now we don't have this shop anymore in Latvia and, to be honest, I really miss it . It has a zip all over back and you can actually really open it. When I wore this to school, I must say we had a lot of funny times. 

I'm absolutely in love with my new lipstick from Avon - peach petunia, It has a real sweet coral orange tone and it looks perfect. Just imagine how hot it will look in summer with tanned skin. Ahh.

Can't really say a lot about the scarf because I have absolutely no idea where I got it,but it's cute and perfectly refresh the black coat. Also, it has nice pastel colours which go well together with my orange purse. The purse was  a gift from my Godmother on my high school graduation.

That's how our Saturday went. There's absolutely nothing better than having a nice day with your sister who's also your best friend and when you can talk about everything. There should be a official holiday called - Sister's day.

Girls enjoying a hockey game with some beers and crisps. :)

Forever the best team! #teamLatvia.

Hope you all are having the best weekend.

Stay positive.

All the love. Annie xx


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