Outfit Of The Day.

Hello, my lovely readers.

How is your day going so far? Have you enjoyed the sunny weather?It's so warm in Riga right now that it's hard to believe that you don't have to wear a coat anymore.

I told my mummy to wear a jacket today she said -No,no it's still April, it can get cold. 20 minutes later when we were walking in the sun she said it's really hot and she wish she wold have wear something less.

Are you ready to see my outfit of the day?!

As you can see my jean jacket period is back. I'm really glad I got this one because I remember thinking that it so light maybe I should get a darker one? Glad my mommy said that we are definitely getting this one. I got this in H&M last spring. Funny, but this year in Riga's shops I saw almost the same ones.

The dress I got at Portobello market in London. It's actually a funny story. My sister and I saw that dress store and immediately wanted to buy all the dresses. Probably the worst part about it was that you can't try them on. So we took two dresses and hoped they will look good. Turns out the dress my sister got looks like made exactly for her, and this one is like made just for me.

I'm almost a ballerina yaas. You see I have a nice story also about my orange tights. Feels like I have a story about everything I own. I woke up one day and I had this idea in my mind that I need orange tights and that's it. But I couldn't find them anywhere, turns out you can buy orange tights almost everywhere, but not when you need them the most.

You all may have noticed some changes in my look. Yes, I have some real cool glasses. You probably think that it's just for style. You know in that cute way as Niall Horan wear them. But the true is that they actually helps me see better. I see really bad in the distance, you know like menus in Starbucks or like that. So now when I have these and thanks to my friend Annie who gave these to me, I have discovered whole new word.

So it's not like I have to wear them all the time, only when I have to read something from a distance or see what kind of bus is coming.

And you thought there won't be a selfie!! Finally met Jeanette today so yeah how without a selfie?! (Look how red her hair is and how light my hair is so coool )

Hope you will spend a nice evening and I hope you enjoyed.

All the love. Annie xx


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