My friend doing my make up.

Hello, my lovely readers.

I have been really lazy again and haven't posted anything in a while again. But here I am with some real interesting posts.

Last Friday my friend Annie and I had a really nice time dancing, singing and fangirling over random bands in RockCafe. Ohh and did I mention that we were also singing karaoke? Yup, we had a really nice girl's night out.

But another really amazing thing happened before...Annie did my makeup and honestly, that was amazing. So are you ready to see what she did wth my face?! I hope you all are already used to the two Annie thing. Like, I'm not talking about myself in the third person haha.

So before we start let's take a quick look at my all natural face. I really hope I didn't scare you and you will keep reading.

1. So after a lot of laughing and trying to be serious, we finally managed to get started. The first thing Annie did was cleansed my face with tonic.

2.  Applying moisturizing day cream.

3. Face primer with a green tone.

4. Then colour correction concealer. Under eyes - reddish. on the skin redness - green tone.

5. Tonal cream. Applied with a brush and with a beauty blend massaged into the skin.

6. Wih skin colour concealer hides imperfections. Ohh I had so many imperfections on my face that day haha.

BREAK. Let's listen to Cake by the ocean by DNCE like two million times and the continue.

7. With darker tone concealer apply contour. On the nose and cheekbones. With lighter tone - highlights. And then blend it al :)

8. Powder and powder contour

9. Blush time.

10. Highlights - over cheekbones and nose.

So far so good time for another round of songs.

11. Eyebrow time - with a pencil draw the contour. With eyebrow powder fill in the eyebrow.

12. With the eyebrow mascara fixes the eyebrow and after that highlight your eyebrows.

Don't forget to hug the cats.

13. Eyeshadows - first add an eyeshadow base.

14. Choose your eyeshadows. Apply with a round brush, after that fluffy brush blur.

15. Apply darker eyeshadows  and then even darker colour. And blend it all. Highlight the corner.

16. Eye pencil -tight lining. Then add eyeliner, mascara and I also had fake lashes.

17. Lips  -  overline a little bit  with lip pencil and then add a lipstick. I choose nude colour for my lips.

18. Spray fixative so your makeup stays all night long.

Here's how we looked at the end. Thanks to Annie I now have an obsession and I want to get myself all the brushes and everything to make this look again.

Thank you, Annie for my amazing makeup, for the amazing dancing night we had and I really do hope it wasn't the last one.

I think I need to get famous like now because I enjoyed too much this other person doing your makeup haha.

Hope you guys enjoyed.

All the love Annie xx


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