Mother's day gift guide.

Hello, my lovely readers.

The day when we all will spoil our mums is coming and everyone's probably now thinking real hard - what could the best way?

Mum's need to be spoiled everyday , not only when the calendar reminds you to do. On Mother's day you can surprise your mummy with something simple and cute.  Flowers and chocolate won't do it this time.

So I have made a little list based on my mum's style for presents what could be some of the best ideas.

1.Her favourite perfume - No matter for who you are buying the present it's always nice to the person if you remember small details. Like a favourite band, favourite perfume and etc. My mum has always liked Avon's ''Incandessence'' and I bought her these presents as a pre-gift when she needed a cheer up. And the happiness and tears were real so it's a good idea believe me.

2. Cute cups - My mum absolutely love these. Some years ago we made mum a cup with her photo and it said - for the coolest and most attractive mum in the world. I'm pretty sure all the shops will be posting these out for the mother's day so you can definitely choose the best. This is real simple, but cute little present.

3. Jewellery - There's no woman in this world who wouldn't be happy about some new jewellery. My mum  loves to have new earrings, that's why I always try to find something cute . The best place to search for original and cool jewellery definitely are all the artists who makes cute homemade things.

4. Hair products -  Mum's usually likes if they can use the gift  everyday and they are useful. So that's why my mum always likes to have some hair products for gifts. Choose some cool products and with good quality and something that your mum maybe doesn't  buy everytime.

5. Homemade goods -  Suprise your mum , make some delicious dinner or bake a cake. She will be really happy that she doesn't have to cook. But don't forget to wash the dishes after too.Honestly, this is my favourite because nothing can beat a good meal at home.

So basically these are the things I could think of. I don't think that mother's day is all about buying expensive gifts to your mum, The most important that you remember and buy her something cute and sweet.

I probably haven't really helped you, but maybe you got some new ideas. And of course, let's not forget all the cute absolutely not needed things you can buy in those cute little gift shops. My mum absolutely love all those cute things.

I hope you enjoyed.

All the love. Annie xx


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