30 day challenge. Day 6

Hello, my lovely readers.

I'm really really sorry for accidently skipping yesterday's writing. It really got out of my mind and when I remember it as too late already.

I hope you forgive me. Also, I won't be posting yesterday's topic because I will get really lost with all those topics. So let's see what day 6 have in mind.

Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. 

1. - When I was younger I really didn't like my name and  though - why did my mum actually came up with this!?

2. - I'm a really moody person. One minute I can hate everything and everyone and after a moment I'm all sunshine and flowers.

3. - I'm the only left-handed in my family.

4. - Also, I'm the only one with green eyes.

5. - I don't have one favourite colour. I really do love all colours haha.

6. - I'm really clumsy. I can walk normally and then suddenly catch on absolutely nothing and probably fall.

7. - I love giving compliments to people.

8. - lot of my friends says that I'm really weird, but weird in a good way and they love it.

9. - I can't choose between tea or coffee. I love both.

10. - I was blonde when I was little.

11. - I'm always positive and I will always calm you down when you're feeling stressed.

12. - I always have to know everything and know what's the deal.

13. - Affair by Hurts is my all time favourite song.

14.-  I have a really really bad memory.

15. - I want to have tattoos. I aleady have two ideas.

16. -  When I was little my favourite show was Tom and Jerry.

17. - My two best friends are Eve ( my sister) and Annie ( my colleague with the same name, how cool is this?)

18. - I want to have big and fancy weddings by beach or in church.

19. - Once I accidentaly run into  tree branchand and hitted my head real hard.

20. - I love shopping in second - hand shops morethan I normal shops.

21. - I want to travel the world.

22. -  I can get along with almost everyone.

23. -  I really love nail polishes. I have more than 20 different nail polishes

24.-  My favourite cocktail is Tequila sunrise.

25. - I'm instagram addicted, so don't be shy - follow me haha

26. -  When I was little I pretended that my grandma's garden is on big shop and I need to sell all the flowers to others.

27. -  Same as my dad, I always get really annoyed and pissed off when I'm hungry.

28.- I do believe in love at first sight.

29. - I love collecting pictures from different times and then ust watch at them over and over again.

30. - Honestly, I have no idea how I came up with all these facts.. it's much harder than it looks like


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