30 day challenge. Day 3.

Hello my lovely readers.

It's me again with the 30 day challenge. I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything other than this right now, but I promise this will change soon.

April is going to be so full with blogging.

Day 03 - Your views on drugs and alcohol. 

When I saw that I will have to answer to this kind of question I honestly felt like back in the high school when similar questions were asked and talked lots about.

I say big big no to drugs and honestly, I can't understand why people are using them. It's the biggest turn-off ever at least for me.I know tat they say that weed, for example, is not that bad and blah blah, but still...why would you want to do that? I just can't understand and probably never will.

About alcohol it's a different story. Everyone loves to have a wine time with their best friend right?And honestly, I think that it doesn't matter that much till you don't do it too much . Everything in life is okay until it's too much.

I have seen lot of alcoholics and drug addicts in my life already and I always think what has so bad happened in their lives that this was the only way!? I have had this talk with my mum and she said that most of them are having weak personaitly...they just can't say no. And I don't like that I see many young people partying every weekend and drinking so much.

The biggest problem about all this is all the underage drinking and drug using. Of course, we all have had some kind of drink underage but it honestly have been just one drink. Young people are partying till they can't walk straight and are passing out. And to be honest, it's scary. Really scary.

Nobody thinks about future, their kid health and their own health. Just imagine what all those drugs and alcohol will do to your kids health. Yeah, you won't have kids after year or two, but it doesn't just disappear.

Don't get me wrong, I love going clubbing, dancing and going to parties.But I do it all in moderation and all others should too. And I will be clubbing this Friday and I'm absolutely excited and I regret nothing haha.

This is it for today. Not really my favourite topic to talk about, but the deal is the deal, right?

All the love. Annie


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