30 day challenge. Day 2

Hello, my lovely readers.

I hope you all are having one wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunny weather.

Here goes Day 2 of my challenge. Hope you enjoy.

Day 02 - Where you'd like to be in 10 years? 

I really do love these kinds of questions because I absolutely love dreaming and thinking about my future. There are different ways how you can understand this question. Where  will you  be living? What will you do or with who you will be? I will answer how I understand this.

In 10 years I will be living in a beautiful house in London or somewhere in USA...who knows. I will be married to an amazing husband with man bun and long hair ( those who knows me real well, knows the guy I meant) (and he will be my husband haha)

We will have twins,two boys. And I know that one of them will be called Harald. The other ones name I will let my husband choose or if not then I already have an idea for both. Isn't this just cool? I have planned everything haha. Also we will be planning our third child and it will be a girl. And if not, then we will be like the next Beckhams haha.

I will be working in Fashion indusrty.I'm not quite sure yet what excatly I want to do, because right now I would love to do everything. Work in Vogue as one of the main editors or have my own clothing collection or work as an stylist. I want to do it all, but I know that it won't be possible, because the main priority in my life will always be family.

I will work hard, but I will always have time for my kids and husband. I won't be one of those working bees that have their first kids till their late 40. I will be one of those young, cool and stylish moms.

AND the most important part - we will have lots of cats and dogs in our house. And definitely some other pets.

So basically this is it. I have really planned my future out and I really do hope that everything will also happen like that. There's this saying that when you wish for something hard enough, it always do comes true.

It actually is kind of weird to be telling about my future like this knowing that after 10 years this all will be true and really will be happening.

I will let you all know how things will happen.

I hope you enjoyed.
Sweet dreams. xx

All the love. Annie


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