30 day challenge. Day 1.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Happy April 1st and have a wonderful day you all.

Today I'm starting my 30 challenges. I'm going to be posting everyday (at least, I will try) and I really hope you all will enjoy reading this.

Day 01 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is. 

Currently, I'm single and ,to be honest, I'm absolutely okay with it. I think we all at sometimes have a period when we think - omg why am I single? Is there something wrong with me? There's absolutely nothing wrong with us. We all are awesome and our real prince charming is on his way.....probably stuck somewhere because of the world tours.

I can really say that I don't have a time for a boyfriend right now. I'm in the middle of big life changes and everything could be just  harder with a boyfriend.

Also, I can go out with my girls, look at cute strangers and no ones telling me how rude it is. And the best part? You have your food for yourself. Haha

I'm still young and I can enjoy life like I want to and when the  time will come I will enjoy my life with one amazing man next to me.

 I hope more young girls realize that you don't need a boy next to you, to make you feel good or loved. You can do it yourself and that's the most important thing. Always remember that.

I hope you enjoyed this. And see you all tomorrow.

Have a perfect day.

All the love. Annie xx


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  1. I completely agree with you! Good luck on your challenge btw, I'm doing a similar one on my blog, it's the A to Z Challenge for April. XO