My icons.

Hello my lovely readers and happy Friday!!

Do you have plans for the weekend already? I will be working really hard this weekend, but I'm not complaining at all, because lately I'm feeling really energized haha.

Today I thought I could write down all the amazing people who make me feel more inspired every day.

Whenever I read something or see some photos with them I understand that working hard always comes back to you so you can't really give up whenever you feel some kind of difficulties. Giving up is never the answer right? So that's why it's good to have people who have succeed in everything to look at them and thing - If they can I can too!

1. Victoria Beckham - Victoria is absolutely my number one style and lifestyle icon. I really adore her sense of style and love her clothing lines.Her street style is always on point and always looks good and classy.What  makes her so cool? I think it's the fact that she's never been trashy and in these days when many girls and woman's posts naked selfies and everything it is really important. She was also the one who made me somehow think of my future career and I'm slowly getting there. Also, let's all be honest she totally have a husband and children goals. I have been stalking her and David's Instagram accounts and it always makes me smile to see how much they both supports each other. I would lie if I would say that I don't want to be like her in the future.

2. Alexa Chung -  She's definitely a style icon.To be honest we have some think similar in our style, because we both love vintage things.  Everything in her outfit is on point and looks perfect. I meant like how can you not love her when she wear's ballerinas with cat faces on them?! Also I love her work ( Vogue UK) and that's definitely my dream job in the future. Same as Victoria's Instagram I'm stalking also Alexa's and I absolutely love all the stylish and cool photos she posts.

3. Kate Middleton - Probably not many things in common with Kate, but she's definitely an attitude icon. Always classy, elegant and smiley. She really looks like she could be the nice neighbor who would come to greet you with fresh made muffins.   I can't call her my style icon, because the royal style is not really my thing...who knows maybe after some years it will be. I wish more people would take an advice from Kate and be this nice and friendly.

4. My mommy - The biggest icon of all the icons will always be my mum. She have gone through a lot. Good..bad....but she never lose hope and always works hard and always have worked hard and honestly I think that that's the main thing I have learnt from my mum - you always have to work hard enough to make yourself all you need . I know that everyone think their mum is the best, but guys seriously no one has so cool mum as mine. (She even have an Instagram beat that) I have learnt a lot of thing from my mum and a simple thank you wouldn't be enough. And no matter what you think, your mum always knows things better and we all need to listen to our mum as much as possible. (P.S. please let's not talk about how dark my hair looks in this picture thank you.) Let's also not forget to mention that my mum totally have children goals right??? Hahaha.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little post about the people who inspires me and are my icon. It's cool to have people like this from who you can steal some idea's for outfits or things like that, but let's not forget that it's important to be original and don't copycat too much, because then it's not cool anymore. Also I think it's important to sometimes stop and thing - does the person you think inspires you really does it in a good way?

I really wish more girls in these days would understand what a real style icon is....sadly some think that posting a naked selfie is amazing and perfect. What really makes me sad is all the young 10-16 year old's who see this and thinks it's really cool and they need to do it too.

Classy will always win over trashy.

All the love. Annie.


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