Hurts - Surrender tour.

Hello my lovely readers.

It's now almost a week, but I still can't get over how amazing this concert was. I think you all probably noticed already ho freaking excited I was, but I would still love to tell you all in the details.

Theo: I'm going to be in Riga.
Adam: Me too. 

So let's start with the beginning,

My sister and I got the tickets in November and it felt like ages away. To be honest I couldn't believe till last that I am really going to see my favourite band live. That is probably the best feeling of all the time.

Seriously, you stand just some meters away from the stage and your favourite band is on stage singing walking and looking at your direction it just doesn't feel like real life.

Very very excited girls. 

The opening act was some band from Estonia.To be honest I didn't really like them, The beat for the songs was alright, but honestly that was it. They singed only for 30 mins and then the lights went down and after some minutes went on again and then you suddenly hear - SURRENDER SURRENDER OH OH - blasting in the whole arena.

Adam's being an instrument God.

The songs they played in this tour were :

  • Some kind of heaven.
  • Why
  • Nothing will be bigger than us
  • Stay
  • Wonderful life
  • Lights
  • Rosy affair
  • Rolling Stone
  • Wings
  • Blood, tears and gold
  • Miracle
  • Somebody to die for
  • Weight of the world
  • Evelyn 
  • Illuminated
  • Sandman
  • Sunday
  • Better than love
  • and Surrender of course. 

The best about concerts like this one is probably that moment when you know lyrics to every single song and you are singing so freaking loud that at the end of each song you feel your voice crack but it doesn't matter at all and you just keep on screaming. 

My most favourite song from them is Rosy Affair and my sister before concert told me not to get really excited because this is one of the songs that are in just some concerts not at all...Thank Goodness it was in our show.I enjoyed that moment to the fullest. 

Sadly no selfies with them both as I promised, we were too cold and we kind of didn't know where exactly they are going to come out, but at the end of concert he said -Riga, see you I hope that next time we will be able to get selfies. 

Somehow I'm really proud with this picture.

What was extremely cute? That after every song Theo said - Paldies. There's not many artists that learns ''thank you'' in every's countries language.

I want to say biggest thank you to Adam and Theo for coming back to Latvia for the third time, I truly hope that it's not the last time. Thank you also for the amazing songs and the best night of my life so far.

Also thank you to my sister with who we could all the time exchange looks full with excitement during the whole concert and who's absolutely okay when I sing loud and wrong the lyrics.

Also now I have the idea for my first tattoo inspired from the song ''Wings''. Yasss, it's so happening.

I hope you enjoyed and have a nice week lovely people.

All the love. Annie xx


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