How to chill yourself before your favourite band's concert!

Hello my lovely readers.

Congratulations with the March 1st. We have made it. We endured the winter and now it's time for the sunny days in Spring. Yass.

This day is also really exciting because today my sister and I are going to the amazing HURTS concert and to be honest I don't know what to do with all my excitement. I think I have so much power and electricity in me now that I could give my power to my country and it would have electricity for days.

I think I'm not the only one with this fangirl syndrome and it's totally okay. What's the hardest part of all this? Definitely waiting when you can finally leave for the concert, so I came up with some idea what can take your mind off and you won't sit all day  looking at clock.

1. Get enough sleep -  Sleep as long as possible in the morning...but only if you don't have school or work. Education is in the first place. Don't skip school for concert. ( Ohh c'mon who will listen to me, of course everyone will skip school haha) Anyways, you need to get as much strength for all the dancing and singing as possible. So don't worry if you sleep till 1 pm, you will have enough time to get ready.

2. Listen to all the songs - I'm doing this for the last two weeks. Seriously, Hurts songs are stuck to my head and I can't get them out. Listen to the songs it will make you more excited...I'm not really helping right? But at least it will kill time right? haha.

3. Don't forget to eat - This is important. Don't forget that there's going be lots of people and hot and everything and I'm sure you don't want to faint from it. So that's why it will be easier if you will have full tummy. But everything in moderation.

4. Start to get ready - This is the part where you can spend the most time and don't feel sorry about it. I do everything slowly. Take shower, wash your hair. Then start to explore your wardrobe and see what you can wear. Remember that it must be something you will feel comfy in but also something extremely cute. (So hard to be a girl right?) Then do your make up and hair and them wooow it's time to already leave. Getting ready for the concert is always exciting for me and it sure thing takes a lot of time.

5. How about a glass of wine? - Okay, maybe I'm talking a little bit too fancy now, no one drinks wine before concerts, but something a bit like this cant hurt right? Usually at all the arenas and stadiums you can buy some cider or beer.. Why not? It will make you more happier ( if it's even possible) even better if you're a shy person and you need to depart a little bit. Just please don't drink too much, I'm sure you want to remember the night.

To be honest, there isn't anything that can stop you from fangirling moments right? You just have to take breaths and enjoy your happy moment in the area.

Before you leave make sure you have tickets with you and your phones has a full battery, because I'm sure you will want to take bunch of selfies like I'm about to do tonight.

If you have some concert planned soon then I wish you to have the time of your life and I wish you that your favourite band member notices you, takes you to dinner after show and after 5 years you both get married. Unless it's my favourite band member, then you have to find your own. I won't be sharing.     And here's something that will get me ready for tonight.

All the love. Annie xx


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  1. The first and the third one are soooo important !! xx