Energy booster.

Hello my lovely readers.

Do you ever just feel like you need some kind of energy? Like no matter how many coffee's you have had, you still feel like you will fall asleep any moment? That's when you know that only something extra healthy and fresh can make your energy to come back and what can do it better than something from nature.

My good friend Annie (yes, we have the same name and it's absolutely cool) told me a recipe to a very very simple smoothie who will help you feel more energized. So I finally tried it at home and it was amazing.

So let me tell you more about this.

To make this you will need 3-4 cute oranges, 1 big grapefruit, half from a lemon, some mint leaves, half glass of mineral water and some ice. (I only had like 10 cubes of ice, but you can use more of course.) If you use more ice it will make the smoothie more thick (I know this from Costa) so basically it's all up to you how thick you want your smoothie.

You have to blend this all together and tadddda it's ready. See, I told is really easy. And this one really help to get the energy we all now need very much, considering it's been one long and cold winter and we all need vitamins.

You can add more ingredients like some berries or kiwi, just something what will go good together with all the sour fruits.

Don't let the ugly yellow colour fool you, it's really really delicious and healthy and good in all the other possible ways.

Start your day with something fresh.

All the love. Annie.


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