Easter holidays.

Hello, my lovely readers.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a nice time at Easter. What were you all doing?

I can finally tell you all about what we did at Easter and believe it's going to be a funny story. We had a really huge cooking and baking before Easter.

 I really love the smell of the house when everything is baking and you're running around the house thinking what else is there to do. because since my grandma sadly passed away in January we did not have these cooking days and it was sad in the house. This time, we made our house smile again and we also used some of my grandma's recipes and it all ended surprisingly good.

Apple and cinnamon pastries. This is my grandma's branded prescription. The  hardest part about theses one's are the making of the dough. It's so hard that I won't even try to explain it if you are interested,  ask me privately and I will tell you all the steps. The only thing we did differently than my grandma, we used less sugar in these and more cinnamon.

From the same dough, we made bacon patties which were the most typical grandma's recipe ever. So basically, it was a huge responsibility for us to make these. Some years ago my mummy tried to bake similar to these but absolutely failed so we all were really stressed. But as you can see this time they looked absolutely amazing.

Ladies working hard. 

What's Easter without some amazing cake right? We made a cheesecake and the funny part about all this is that we absolutely changed the original recipe and did it our way.

We made the biscuit at the end from prepared flour mixture and added only water, baked it for like 20 minutes. Then we realized that the original recipe asks to bake also the cheese mass, but my thought that with baking also the biscuit will ruin everything. So that's why we made it without baking just making it more jelly.

This is how the cheese mass looked like. It was absolutely delicious and with less sugar than other cheesecakes.

This is how the cake looked at the end.  everyone who tasted it said that it's delicious. Honestly. I'm glad that my mum is so smart when it comes to baking cakes haha. We decorated it with fresh fruits and some little candies.

Honestly, it's really hard to make something for Easter's or other holidays when half of the family are vegetarians.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

All the love. Annie xx


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