Biking season is now open!

Hello my lovely readers.

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

I had the whole weekend free and we as always went to our grandpa's house. This time it was sunny and also all the snow has finally melted away so it means that we finally could start our biking season.

This year I have big plans for biking also outside my city so let's see how it will go, but till that I hope you will enjoy some pictures I took.

This is how the neighborhood looks like. Such a lovely little city where everyone seems to know each other and everyone's smiling and greeting each other.

In summer we took exactly the same selfie. Scroll down to see how we looked back then. haha.

My love for beach will never be small. This time it was really windy and cold, but the good thing is that it's only getting warmer and soon I will lay in the sands and get sun burnt.

The only bad thing about opening the biking season is that it's really hard to get your muscles work. We drove like 30 km's and for the first time after winter it's sure hard thing. My legs and also my ass were hurting from the bike. The good thing is that after another trip like this it won't hurt anymore and I will be ready to dive all summer.

Always the best sunsets.

And my grandpa's cat is always there to see it no matter what. Only she's shy, doesn't want to take photos.

Summer's edition...on the same road only difference is that when this selfies was taken it was like +30 degrees.

So this is how my weekend looked. I really enjoyed everything. Funny is how after two days spend so close to nature you sleep like a little baby after hard day playing with other kids all day long. So much fresh air is all that's needed so take out your bikes and go somewhere cute. You won't regret it.

All the love. Annie xxx


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