Avon scented deodorant.

Hello my lovely readers.

I had one wonderful week, I finally saw one of my favourite band live and seriously nothing can be better than it. I was singing my heart out to all the songs and next day I had no voice. Hurts will always be the best band for me.

So yeah back to the topic, today I got my self something new - scented deodorant. All the time I was using the simple deodorants you can buy in shops with no specific smell. In Avon's catalog I saw that they have scented deodorant's made from different perfumes. They say that it's more like a perfume than deodorant just lighter version.

Basically it means that many perfumes are having a set's who consists from scented deodorant's and shower gels. Others are having also body lotions. I got myself  ''Ultra sexy pink'' perfumes deodorant spray.

The perfume begins with fruity and tempting accords of passion fruit, pear and bergamot, giving it a sweet smell. Magnolia in the heart is infused with peach and peony. The base includes golden amber, musk, raspberries and sweet woods.

Avon says that this will be the sexiest perfume  you will ever wear and that it has the scent of  true seductress. This  was created by a perfumer Frank Voelkl. He explained that golden amber gave the perfume impressive warmth,which is seductive and unstoppable. He selected all the other ingredients by hand to emphasize the specific scent that truly has several dimensions.

I think this is the perfect perfume to wear in spring. But I must say that others could find it too sweet and obsessive, while I, always been the sweet perfume lover, are absolutely in love with this one.

What surprised me the most was that I wasn't expecting this scented deodorant to have such a strong perfume in it. I thought they it's going to be like the body spray I wrote some weeks back, turns out it's much better than it.

I'm really happy about my new thingy and I'm absolutely looking forward to buy the real perfume after I'm done with this one. Must say that also the bottle of this one is extremely cute.

I hope you enjoyed and have a nice weekend you all.

All the love. Annie xx


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