30 day challenge.

Hello, my lovely readers.

Some time ago I saw that more and more bloggers are doing these 30 - day challenges. And I thought that I need to try some too, of course.

When I first opened Pinterest with all the possible challenges I got really confused.So many different kinds of challenges and I want to try all of them.

April is going to be one busy month because I challenge myself to do two of them.

The one I'm going to try is this clean eating challenge. And here you can see the list of things I'm not going to eat or drink for the whole month.

Many of these things I have already cut out of my life for example fast food. I honestly can remember when was the last time I ate at McDonald's.

The real challenge is going to try and endure without candies, cookies, chocolate ( you can actually hear me crying out loud), but I'm sure I can endure it right?

Let's see how much weight it's possible to lose if you cut out these things of your daily life. I'm so buying myself some kind of gift after this all ends and there's a big possibility it's going to be one huge chocolate.

A little bit easier challenge, but still will take my time is going to be everyday writing challenge. Here you can see all the things I'm going to be posting about all April.

Some are more interesting topics some maybe less,  but I hope you will all enjoy reading these.

I really, really hope all will go as planned and I will really post everyday. But I really do want to do these correct.

Wish me the best luck and wait for the posts to come. And I hope I will inspire some of you to try these too.

Let's see how it goes.

All the love. Annie xx


2 komentāri

  1. I love looking at 30 day challenges for Inspiration! Definitely love the second one, might give it ago if I have the time haha! xx
    Katherine Rosie | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I actually think I'm going to do this! Great :)

    xo Honey