Snowy day.

Hello my lovely readers.

We all thought that winter is over right? made a funny joke and came back. Hopefully not for long.

Today was snowing like crazy and the worst probably was that it was wet everywhere and cold like you just want to sit home all day...but I didn't.

Me and my colleague and a friend Ilva were having a cups of flat white AND (the best part is about to come) some days ago I found out that Ilva loves to photograph. And  I as always being the annoying little girl asked her to do a photo shoot with me.

Finally you all are also able to see what I have done with my hair. Tree different kind of natural blonde colour and this is the result. Some what light honey brown colour. I absolutely love it....Maybe I will try a little bit more lighter.

I'm wearing a dress which I got in Notting Hill's market....I never thought that I will be able to buy a dress that fits so perfectly without trying it on.
Then you can see my famous jean jacket has come back and it's here to stay till next winter, I got it last year in H&M, to be honest I think they still have these. And my orange thighs to make the outfit look more spring like.

As another accent I used these earrings my mum got me last year as a present for the new school year. (Feels like ages ago) They matched perfectly with the tights.

I got this cute thing yesterday....actually this needed to come some days before Christmas but we all know how things works with online shops. Now everyone will know my letter.

I stole these boots from my sister. I really do appreciate that my sister and I have the same size for everything, so we can share with all the clothes and boots. The boots are from H&M.

I already mentioned my bag some posts ago, but let's just take a look how beautiful this picture is. How colourful and juicy it looks.

I really really love all of these photos. Ilva did a really really good job. This was my second photo shoot and the first one was in a real studio and I wasn't that impressed by those photos like I am now. And I'm being 100% honest.

The most massive thank you ever goes to amazing Ilva for making the best photos ( I finally have decent photos to upload as my profile pictures) and also for making the most funny face when taking the photo. Like seriously, it's so hard to make a serious face.

Please go and check and like her page on Facebook for more truly amazing photos.

I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend.

All the love. Annie.


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