The best way how to spend Monday evening.

Hello my lovely readers.

I'm being really active these last days and it's only because I'm getting lots of love from you all and I just feel like I need to keep doing.

Which is pretty hard considering that  I work a lot and 'm really tired after work and I just want to think about sleeping....This time it's different.

We had a really chilly Monday at work today, also my visitor Anna made this day more chilly. So we had a nice chat and after my shift ended we went to Riga's center together.

Anna insisted that we both need to go and have a nice chat in Tea House.....I mean how could I say no to free tea right?!

So now the fun starts.

After long discussions which tea's we should take we choose Brazilian tea's - one with strawberries and one with cognac (I know what you all are thinking right now)

So instead of the normal regular kettles ( every other customers there had those) we got these ones. When the seller/ waiter went away we started to have some serious problem with understanding how should we drink it?

As Anna said - Here we go, wanted to be all fancy and stuff, instead got some three liters of hot water and some weird ''cups''. After lots of laughs and ideas we finally understood how we need to drink the tea.

I think everyone, who never have seen something like this before, would get really confused. But actually, it's really easy. The metal rod is actually a drinking straw, so you can drink the tea and the tea leaves doesn't get in your mouth. I was really impressed. Like really. Felt like in Brazil for real.

The teas were really really strong. The first sips was horrible....I think I could get more energy from this tea , than from coffee. But after some more it wasn't that horrible anymore. Also the tea who was with the smell of actually made us a bit dizzy to be honest....Maybe we were just tired haha.

I think this is the most perfect place where you can go and simply have a nice chat. This is my only second time there and the first time we couldn't even go upstairs, where you can take of your shoes and sit in many fluffy pillows. This time we got a free place there ( I guess it's because it was Monday, and Mondays are usually always  very quiet everywhere.) At other days, specially at weekends, that place is full with people. Yes, Latvians also love tea very much.

Also they have a really chilly music playlist and honestly, if you are feeling really tired I believe that it's possible to even fall asleep there. Bad that they're open only until 10pm.

So this is how we spent our Monday evening. What can be better after a working day right? Thank you Anna, for the tea party.

All the love. Annie.


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