Sushi, friends and a perfect Thursday.

Hello my lovely readers.

Do you ever just have a day when you smile the whole time like an idiot because you're just happy how awesome life is? Well,today is that day. Like how can a holiday be a bad day right?

The day started really sleepy, so I made a home made coffee and understood how different ( good different ) home made coffee is. It seriously has a different taste.

I needed to be at city center at 12 pm to meet my sister...let's say it didn't go well. 5 minutes before going out of house I understood that I can't wear the dress I wanted because it's too small. Then I cried my eyes out and I needed to search something else and that needed to be fast.When finally I was out of house it was 12pm and my sister was calling me asking how far I am?

She was really mad.....but after I bought her coffee all was fine. She wasn't mad anymore.

We went to coffee shop called Caif cafe. My friend once said that they make good and delicious coffee. To be honest, I really didn't like the barista there , because she was being unfriendly. Like, yes I have never been here how can I know what is what if your coffee's has a weird names?!

But the frappe she made me was really delicious, it was caramel and ahhh so delicious. My sister had a strawberry latte. I know it sounds weird,but it was with souce so it wasn't weird. We had a nice chat and laugh.

After that I met my friends. The same ones that were at our mini Christmas party . We went to Tokyo City to have some nice sushi.

The funny part started when we came and we understood that there is no single table where we all would fit, so the waiters came and were like - No problem girls, we will jostle tables for you .

And they really did. We all 10 had a place to sit and we could finally enjoy our food.

The sushi I got was Vegan with avocado, but to be honest I was really disappointed that they didn't have a bigger selection. But this one was amazing like seriously and the jasmine tea was on point.

What was really surprising was the fast service they had. It's wasn't like we were the only ones at that place and also not like it was a really small one. But we needed to wait like 15 minutes I think till our food arrived.

Finally all the tree best bitches met to have a pictures like this. It was Christmas when Laima gave us (Aneta and I) these ones. (I have the middle one ). Since we got them we kind of didn't have the time to meet all together and today finally it was the day. We waited so long to make this picture.

Funny is that we tried to make one where we all are holding our parts...Ohh Sweet Jesus, Anna said that better would be if she would film us. It was really hard to keep them together and also suddenly everything became funny...and ughghg you all know how it is.

Normal smiley girls having sushi.

Never mind about me telling you we are normal.

Okay...maybe we are not that normal after all but let's be honest life would be pretty boring right?
I had a really nice time today and it surely was amazing to meet everyone. I think days like these are the best ones. You do so many things, meet so many people and time flies imperceptibly.I absolutely can't wait our next meeting.....I heard some one saying something about bowling!?

Thank you everyone for my perfect day.

All the love Annie. 


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