Stenders - nature inspired cosmetics!

Hello my lovely readers on this wonderful Friday morning.

I had a really stressful and busy week so I'm really really glad it's finally Friday and I can relax to the fullest. What can be better right?

The most important thing to do at weekend is to turn off your phone, put your favourite music and take a bath. And as we all know there's no better thing than to buy your self a lot of cool things for bath right?

We all know how amazing and perfect are Lush products, but let me show you something new - Stenders.

What is Stenders?

Stenders is a cosmetics brand inspired by northern nature. Stenders is one of the biggest cosmetics producers in Northern Europe. It's a team of creative and competent people captivated by the idea of cosmetics filled with feeling. The hometown for Stenders is Latvia. There's more than 225 shops in different country's in the whole world - Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, China...

Stenders choose only natural indigents and do not test on animals.

Stenders have a lot of products for hair, body, showers and baths, skin, rituals and also different accessories.

I have had a lot of different products from Stenders. This basically is the best for gifts. You can never go wrong with Stenders.

On my birthday I got many things from Stenders - I had two different soaps - one who smelled like caramel and one who smelled like spring. Also I got bubble baths one with amber and one with cornflower.

My latest purchase in Stenders were two bubble baths - one with apricot and one with blueberries.

They are not that huge as Lush bath bubble and they don't change the whole water, but the smell and the softness of the water after adding this one is good enough.

They have a lot of bath bubbles like cranberry, rose, grapefruit, gold, chocolate lavender, milk and honey and they even have one called sex which consists of sandalwood and patchouli essential oils. There's bubble baths for every type of person.

Also some years ago I tried peppermint shower gel which honestly was one of the best shower gels I have ever used. It was fresh and awakening. The perfect thing for early morning showers.

Then I bought a lip butter with cranberries. There were also ones with roses and coffee.The fresh and juicy cranberry lip butter moisture your lips, making them charmingly smooth and supple.

I absolutely love this one, because it's really really moisturizing. It's the perfect thing to use before you put your lipstick on. It helps to get away the old skin and lips looks really juicy and moisturized.

Stenders has also lip palms with the same smells, but I haven't tried those ones, but I think they are as good as these ones.

Not so long time ago Stenders came out with the first line for men. They are having shampoos, shower gels and some creams for skin. Also the offer you the perfect gift sets considering tree products and all wrapped up in a cute box. So if you are looking for the perfect Valentines day's gift then why not to try something from Stenders?

Don't worry if your city or country doesn't have a shop, you can see all products here and they ship worldwide.

Hope you enjoyed.

Have an amazing weekend you all.

All the love. Annie. xx


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