Spring is in the air!

Hello my lovely readers.

I can't remember any other February when it would be this warm and the feeling all around would be exactly like in Spring. This year it is much different. It feels like Spring everywhere I go, I even bought some spring flowers to my mum today....probably it's not so exciting for those who doesn't have so strong and cold winters as we do.

Anyways, if its Spring already in nature then it's time to trow some colours in our everyday outfits right?

Today my outfit consisted from bright colours and something extremely cute from  Boutique of Molly .

You all have already met my beautiful white coat, which gets washed like every week, because it  really dangerous to walk around with so white coat, and also you all have met my amazing Harry Style's kind of boots which I mentioned here . As you can see I have new beautiful skater dress from my new favourite online shop Boutique of Molly. It's a beautiful two pieced dress with a white lace fabric and  with a light blue jean fabric at the end.

As accents I choose my new orange tight from Donna BC and in the same orange tone hand bag which I got, of course, from Avon. Also the days are getting more sunnier with every moment so don't forget to buy some cool sunglasses. I got my glasses in some souvenir shop in London only for 5 pounds and I'm absolutely in love with them.

It's actually quite a funny story how I got these tight. ( Everything that happens with me is funny story). So yesterday when I got the dress, I thought that it would look just perfect with orange tights...I mean it does right? So after work I went to Lindex, which I knew had colourful tights...They basically had every colour possible, blue, green red....no signs of orange. But the thing with me is that when I want something I need to get i otherwise I will think about it all the time. So I texted my brother's wife which I remember had orange tights and thanks to her today I found ones. Thanks God for people who always knows so small shops where you can find good thing for normal price.

The only weird thing about these orange tights is that I don't understand why they have this specific smell..it's smells like something sweet....And no, Anna and Laima noticed that too.

Today I also met Laima and Anna and we had a nice chat in the Jungle with delicious lattes...Actually to be honest my latte wasn't that delicious...but thanks God to the amazing croissant.

Fingers up....It's actually so hard to hold your cup like this, because those cups are actually really heavy and when you have to make a cute face....it just makes all more problematic....also note to that it was Anna's cup , she just let me borrow it for a picture, because my drink was in a glass.

Here's another picture where you all can finally see that my hair actually is a bit lighter now than some time ago.

So this was my Friday, full of laughs and a good gossip.(:

I want to say the biggest thank you to the Boutique of Molly team that gave me this amazing opportunity to blog. Get ready to read more about some of those beautiful dresses.

I hope you enjoyed.

All the love. Annie.


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