Meet my cats!

Hello my lovely readers.

I hope you all had a wonderful day with a lot of good things.

I had pretty cool day at work today and when I came home I was greeted by my cats sitting and waiting me patiently.So I thought that it would be nice if you all would finally meet them right?!

Here they are my little cuties ( actually, not that little). On the left you can see my oldest cat Peciņa, she is going to turn 14 this May.(quit a lady)  ( translated from Latvian to English it could be something like Pawy) and Zirnis ( or Peay in English), he is going to turn 2 in April. Yes, we are really creative attribution to the names.

So first let's meet Peciņa.

This is the cat that's been here basically all my childhood. (I'm just 6 years older than her). I remember that she was born to my grandparent's cat Tince, and she's actually was the copy of Pecina.

The  saddest memory with Peciņa was when she run away and went missing for like 2 weeks in winter. We live in district that has a lot of homeless cats (believe me, if I could I would adopt all of them)  and most of the cats are stripped so it was really hard to find her. My sister found her on her birthday (which is January 2nd) and you all can imagine what a great birthday present it was right? After that we are really careful when we leave the house, so the cats doesn't somehow get out.

The most funny memory definitely is when we all came home after weekend spent out of town and we saw Peciņa sleeping on the couch with TV on. She was having a nice relaxing evening all alone.

Let's not forget that she's also a quite big lady, who loves to snore really loud  and eats a lot of fresh cucumber, yogurt and  watermelon ( she's gets really crazy wen we have watermelon) and she definitely have the cutest eyes ever. I mean, look at that eyeliner. Ohh and she also gnaws her nails....really loud. And she sleeps or eats most of the time.

I think she really enjoyed that all the attention and love was dedicated just for her, but since May 2014 she has to share it with the little man Zirnis.

We have a quite funny story with the little one.My mum was the one who came up with the idea that we need another cat so that Peciņa isn't bored. We all agreed that the best would be if we would take another girl. My mum's friend's friend exactly at that moment had a little kittens and we get the chance to choose from all the girls.

So we ended up with this little cutie in our house.Don't let the picture fool you, he's much bigger now.  After some months it was time to visit the doctor for the first time. At that time we already had our first doubts - was the kitty really a girl?

The vet said that of course it's a girl. Okay if the vet says so....but after some time we had these doubts again, because when you have had a cat lady for already 13 years you sure know how a cat lady acts and this one wasn't acting like a lady at all.

The first thing what made us thing was that this one was sucking know like they do when they are small and still eats cat mums milk. So I searched in google why do cats do like that. And the first sentence there was - Usually that's a typical tomcat behavior.

 Next time we went to vet, to different vet than the first time, he confirmed our doubts - This one's a boy!

At first we were a bit stressed that the cats wouldn't get along well, because Peciņa was the only one for a long time and we were scared that she would get jealous and not accept the little one. But there was no need to worry after some weeks they both were used to each other and now they act like brother and sister who annoys each other a lot. You should see the faces Peciņa makes sometimes when she's really annoyed by the little one.

Zirnis is a quite active cat, he meows a lot and very loud...and especially when he's hungry. He eats everything....really...if you are simply sitting an eating for example cake..he's already next to you and wants to taste everything. Also he sleeps really weird...more like a dog not like a cat. Maybe he's a dog in cat's body!? I wouldn't be surprised. He also loves to trow everything off from the table  ( Also Peciņa does this) if specially if it's night or early morning. Same as Peciņa this one is also sleeping or eating.

Actually early mornings usually are the worst. My mum goes to work and she let them free to walk in the whole flat...and that's the time when party begins. They simply start to do every single annoying thing.

 I can't imagine my life without these two cuties. Even if I know I'm going to be home alone...I'm never alone, they are always there with me. I love my cats to the moon and back. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

“I regard cats as one of the great joys in the world. I see them as a gift of highest order.”

Big hug from Peciņa and Zirnis.

All the love. Annie. xoxo


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  1. Your cats are so cute. My parents have 3 cats but I've recently moved out and I really miss them. They're such lovely creatures. I can't believe yours like cucumber and watermelon though, mine won't touch anything other than meat or cheese haha! x

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte

    1. Awwww that's so sweet. Cats are really amazing. And yeah, they absolutely love human food haha xx