How to save money and make sure you don't spend it.

Hello my lovely readers.

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It's Monday again and Monday's usually are the ''new start'' for many of us right? I will eat healthier starting from Monday. I will safe money starting from Monday. I will work out starting from Monday. And the list goes on.

No matter what it is, it's always really hard to start something what takes a lot of motivation. And I think that the worst of all is the saving money part.

I love saving money and actually I have no choice I have to save money so I have come up with some really good tips how you can make  save money and not spend it all after some days. There's also good tips how to eat healthier or how to make yourself work out, but about that some other time.

1. Find some box where you will save money -  The best is if you have a box and you keep it at your room in some place only you know. Don't keep your money on your bank account, because I can tell you it always ends up bad. You can't see the money so you ill spend it faster than expected. Also try no to tell everyone about it and don't keep it in a well seen place,but also don't put it somewhere, where you can't find it later.

2. Make a goal -  You will find it easier to save if you will have a goal for the savings. It can be anything - new dress, some concert, future, a new bike or a trip to Paris. When you have made a goal it's much easier to safe. Before going to London I was saving money like mad, because I knew when I'm there I will need a lot of money. And it was just a normal thing to do -no spending money.

3. Avoid unnecessary shopping -  This mainly is referable to grocery shopping. We all have this bad habit of buying things we absolutely don't need at the moment.Like you go only to buy milk but come out of hop with 4 bags full with food.  If you need to buy only milk then go straight to milk section and then out of shop.Also like this you will keep yourself in shape avoiding junk food buying.

4.Avoid shops with cute things - This is really hard to keep if specially if you work in a shopping center. But just don't go into those shops. If you need to buy new jeans or some cute present for your friend then just go find the things you need and buy them,Nothing else. We all have those things and clothes we have bought and never used or wore. That's just the waste of money.

5.Don't take the money from your savings - This is really important. If you really want to save then absolutely forgot about ''just taking a little bit from here till pay day''. That's an absolute no from me. If you keep taking money from there then after some time it all will be gone and there will be absolute no point. So don't. Be strict to yourself.

6. Save also the little money -  We all know the saying if you don't put cent to cent, you won't have an euro. So safe all the money possible. You will be surprised how much you can actually safe also from the little money. I can say big thanks to the tips what honestly helps me safe much more.

7. Try not to eat too much out of house -  This is also  huge problem for me. I love going to different places to get coffee or some cakes and something, but sadly it takes a lot of money too.That's why try to limit these activities. For example go out to eat once a week. It's not that much but will surely help you save more.

These are the seven tips I try to observe to keep as much as it's possible. Sounds pretty harsh, but at least they are really working. Of course it hard and sometimes we all break the rules. But if your goal is big enough and important for you then it just comes naturally.

I wish you the best of luck for your savings.

All the love. Annie xx


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  1. Great tips!! Being a student, I definitely don't have ridiculous amounts of money and need to save where I can. I've stopped getting my daily coffee out and have started taking a flask with me, and it's saved me so much already!