Girls night out.

Hello my lovely readers.

It's been ages since last time me and my friends went out to party in Friday.Yesterday  we changed it. But as always the big question was -What should I wear?

It's always hard, because on a night out you want to look casual , but also a little bit fancy. There's always that thin line between classy and trashy and you absolutely don't want to cross it.

You can never go wrong with skirts- black, colour full, with prints, they always will look good no matter what. That's why also I went for my black pencil skirts. To make it look more colorful I wore my new orange thighs.My black skirts are from Bik Bok ( Not quite sure, if this shop still exists). Easy as that you can make your black outfit a bit more crazier. A lot of shops have many different colour tights. Try something new. It will look perfect. But you have to be careful with the skirts ,because let's be honest, it's scary. I'm pretty sure you don't want them to be too short or too long right? (Ohh damn it, so hard to be a girl)

Then it's really hard to think what you should wear on top. I chose the polka dot blouse I got in Primark. (absolutely in love with it). It's an absolutely classy outfit, but still with the right make up and accessories you can absolutely rock it,

For make up I choose also a casual look, nothing too much. I putted on my CC cream to make my skin smoother, then I went for nude eye shadows from Avon. I got them last year and they have really beautiful tones. Then, of course let's not forget eye liner, mascara and my red lipstick.

We went to this pub called ''Zapte'' and what I absolutely loved about it, was that it was kind of quiet place with not so many people, so we could normally have a nice chat and drinks. After that we went to RockCafe to dance a bit. At first the music there was nice after some time it was just horrible.

Happy girls.

Also I absolutely didn't like all those hungry guys at these kind of clubs, who just runs to every girl in the bar. The best way what to do in situations like that is just go away and don't look back. Also don't make eye contact with them. Honestly, I hate it, like why can't girls just have a nice time? Not all of us runs to pubs and clubs to meet guys. No, absolutely not.

The most amazing thing probably was that when we went to ''Zapte'' it had ''Happy hour''. 2 drink for 1 price. It was perfect. And the cocktails were really really delicious.

I had the one called ''Mai tai'' and I tried this one or the first time. It was really sweet, but absolutely delicious. Not really one of my favourites ( because my favourite is forever and always Tequila sunrise....actually this one was similar, just more sweet.)

A lot of laughs and talks serious ones and not so serious, a lot of selfies and stupid jokes and  a little bit dancing...thats how our night out went. It was really really nice to meet my girls again ( sadly not all of them could make it) but still we had a really nice time. I hope we can do something like this soon again.

P.S. I think little parties like this always works out if you have the best company in the world. Love you girls!!

All the love. Annie.


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