10 places I really really want to visit!

Hello my lovely readers.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and I also hope you enjoyed the guest post from Jenn. It was something new for me, but I really enjoyed working together with her. Don't forget to check out her blog.

Today is the day when I found out that some amazing trip is coming soon for me...and then I somehow found myself thinking about all the beautiful places I really want to see...(they are definitely more than 10 I just don't want you to get bored)....they are many, because I absolutely love seeing new people, new places and everything.

So let's start the list.

1. New York - Like c'mon who doesn't want to go there? I'm absolutely in love with this city even if I have seen only photos and movies. I would absolutely love to walk around the city and see all the beautiful buildings..and the streets, Central Park and the typical New York houses with stairs outside....Also the shops of course and the coffee houses. Also I would love to go to New York Knicks game because there's Latvian in that team. Or to visit a New York fashion week. Ohh I could continue this list forever why I want to visit it.

2.Paris - The city of love..I think every girl on this world dreams to visit this place...maybe not those who already lives there. I find Paris really charming...I think that the city has it own's aura. Also I found absolutely love to go to Paris Fashion week....and just walk around and see many things you can only see in Paris. My big brother was in Paris some years ago...No,no I'm totally not jealous. Some years ago I was in France, but it was far away from Paris, but still you could feel the love in the air.

3. Croatia - This is the only hot country my mum actually wants to visit. (that's a miracle honestly).We really want to visit this one, but it's not possible at the moment, I surely believe that soon enough we will and then you will get a lot of sunny pictures with the beautiful blue water.

4. Bora Bora -  This is the place where me and my husband ( you all know who he is haha) will go on our honeymoon. I think there is no better place for that like real world paradise right? I would love to just sit next to ocean and drink some tropical cocktail and just enjoyed the beautiful nature.

5. Cuba - old, beautiful cars, colourfull houses and a ocean...is there something else needed? I felt in love with Cuba after my brother ( absolutely jealous) went there and showed me all the pictures and told me all the stories. I want to live it all by myself. Again this country has it's own aura same as Paris and no where else you can get it.

6. Los Angeles - This, same as New York, doesn't need a lot of explanation, just the city of dreams. There's so many thing I would want to see and the most amazing thing probably is that you can meet many famous people there in the most random places.

7.Rome -  This is also one of the city's that I have absolutely felt in love by movies.(It happens really easily). I absolutely love the buildings and the view's you can see in this city. Also I really love Italian language, so I think it could be absolutely amazing to be there.I should definitely try Italian espresso when I'm there haha.

8. Australia - Kangaroos, koalas and nature. Those are the reasons why I need to be in Australia at least once. I think I'm not even that excited about the downtown there as about nature, because they absolutely have something much different than we, European are used to.

9. India  -  I want to visit India,because I absolutely love the culture they have, All the yoga things, henna, they dances and everything. Also they have really amazing architecture.The must do when I'm in India is to get the real henna tattoo from them .

10. Japan -  I would absolutely love to visit Japan because of the beautiful nature and amazing tea traditions. Ohhh and let's not forget sushi. To be honest, I like Japan much more than China ( I hope my Chinese teacher will forgive me) and I hope I will be able to enjoy the country soon by myself.

So basically that's it. Of course I would love to visit every country in this world, because every country has it own charm and something special to see. These where just the places I really really want to see and if I suddenly win 100,000,000 dollars these are the first places I am going to go ( after I give some money to my family haha)

Also I didn't mention London and UK here, because it kind of doesn't count because I have been there, but that doesn't change the fact that I want to go there more and more.

I hope you enjoyed.

All the love. Annie, xoxo!


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  1. Ah I'd love to go to all of these places they look so fab! I also really want to go to Budapest and Fiji! New York looks amazing doesn't it! Good post lovely! xx

    Rachel | www.rachelsbbox.wordpress.com | Twitter - rbb_xo

  2. You should definitely come to Australia. We'd love to have you!

    Rome is incredible. You MUST get there one day.

    Bora Bora is also a desired destination of mine. Perhaps I'll bump into you there one day! Hehe.