Wintering with style.

Hello my lovely readers.

It's been one cold but great weekend.I got a really amazing offer which I'm sure you will all found out a bit later this month or next month. (Keeping secrets again haha)

I spent a really nice time at my grandpa's, we had a really nice chat, watched some movies and simply relaxed, but to be honest I'm getting a bit tired from winter and this all coldness. Whenever I go out of town, it somehow feels much colder than in my flat.....which isn't that weird considering we  don't have central heating at my grandpa's.

But let's focus more on the winter. What I see everyday going out is that most of people don't care at all how they look when it's cold, which is pretty understandable, but  with some moderation.What I absolutely hate in cold winter days are all the old ladies dressed in their fur coats and thinking that they look really amazing and are so damn cool...NO, you are absolutely not cool.

And then there's people like me who no matter how cold it is will still try to look not like just landed from Antarctica.

So here's my this years winter outfit. Please excuse my super awkward posture, I always get weird when people tell me to poss for a photo....and they always look like this.

Okay that's enough. Back to outfit.

So I'm wearing a New Yorker coat in white colour,I won't be able to tell you how much it coast, because it was some time ago when I got it. To be honest it's absolutely terrifying to wear a white coat....just imagine all the public transport and the drivers who sometimes just want to dabble you...Yeahh it's a hard work.

Next thing is my champagne colour pants...I got them in a second hand shop for 10 euros and I'm absolutely in love with them. They fit on my legs perfectly and I never have the horrible feeling, when you can feel the space between your leg and pants.

Don't ask me anything about the glows and scarf, my mum got me the glows as present for Christmas last year and I think it would be absolutely rude to ask where she got them. But they are absolutely amazing, with a cute pattern on the surface and with a fluffy lining inside. I have no information how the scarf got into my just somehow did. Sometimes when it gets extra cold I use my big knitted scarf from Primark....which I got only for 7 pounds.

The hat I'm wearing is my 2015 best and most random purchase. I think it was begging of December, I ended my working day and just for fun went into H&m, which is exactly next to my Costa.I then bought a present for my sister and then when I was almost ready to leave the shop I noticed that these hats are having 50% sale.....I mean who would just look at it and walk away without at least trying something on?! So I tried bunch of hats and this one really catches my heart.

My mum wasn't so happy about this....she said she is going to count all the times I wear this....It's 3 times now and I sure as hell am winning haha,

As you can see I'm wearing my socks from Forever 21....which I mentioned in my Autumn must haves's more like all year must have except summer. And the black leather lace up combat boots I got in Zara. Sorry not sorry, but I just can't wear uggs, I'm already short and with uggs I feel 10 time shorter if it's even possible.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed

All the love Annie.


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