My favourite things to do in winter.

Hello my lovely readers.

I don't know how about others,but after Christmas I'm totally done with winter and I just can't wait spring. These dark and cold days really are hard to endure.But there's a lot of little things that helps in these long evening.

Reading books - I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who loves to cuddle under the blanket take a huge cup of delicious tea a get lost in the book. The lost one I read was Lauren Conrad's - Starstruck. It was a nice book, but not really my kind of one. The next one in my book sheet is Zoe Sugg's Girl online on tour (yaayy)

Cleaning -  With cleaning I meant the one where you get ride of old thing you don't need anymore. One day I trow out all of my high school notebooks who I don't need anymore, many tests I was saving and don't need anymore. When you get ride of them and put the rest things in neatly, it feels really great. Do the same with you closet, take out all the things you don't wear anymore and give them away.

 Bubble baths -  Every girl probably understand about what I'm talking. There's nothing better than a hot bubble bath in a cold winter evening. And all the different bubbles just makes it all 100 times better. The last one I tried was a intergalactic bath bomb from lush. The water got deep bule with many glitters in it. PERFECT!

Cooking - Everybody knows that I love baking cookies, cakes and trying a lot of new recipes. Winter is the perfect time to do it, because while your cooking and baking all the house gets warm and smells like freshly made goods.

Blogging - Let's not forget blogging. In winter there's just so many things you can write about,all you just need is time to get everything here.

Winter sport activities -  To be honest I have never been the sporty kind of person, but in winter I sometimes love to go skiing or skating with my family. Hopefully we get the chance to do something still in this year.

Coffee shops and tea houses -  I really love exploring new places where you can drink coffee or tea. Also I love going to the ones where I have already been and I know that there's just perfect coffee ( for example Dad cafe) For example, yesterday we went to Double Coffee and I tried the cool matcha green tea latte. It was so delicious. Didn't look so amazing as in some photos from London's coffee houses, but for the beginning it was fine. Also some time ago me and Jeanette went to tea house and had some delicious cups of tea. I got my self a ginger green tea and Jeanette got a cherry punch tea.
matcha latte

Deep talks, monopoly and wine -  Sometimes when you're having  a bad mood all you need is a good friend with a wine, chips, pizza and monopoly. Till then I thought that my sister is some kind of monopoly God who always beats me...not the real problem is in me. Jeanette won me too. So yeahh, this year we have had many of nights like these, when I just don't want to be home alone so I call her and we spend a nice evening laughing, talking and eating a lot of course. Take a good advice from us - Whenever you want to surprise your friend with wine, somehow make sure that they have a corkscrew otherwise you will have to do things like us.

Honestly, it was horrible. My mum afterwards asked why the kitchen walls are with some red little spots. Then I showed her this picture and she didn't have questions anymore. Please don't try this at home, it actually is petty dangerous to be honest.

The best wines are the ones we drink with our friends. 

This is how I try to get over these long winter days and evening. Have a nice night you guys and take some good wine with you. I hope you enjoyed.

All the love. Annie.  


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