To my amazing sister.

Hello my lovely readers.

It's second day of new year and to be honest I'm really excited for this year. I just feel like 2016 is going to be a year full of changes....good ones and it will bring a lot of adventures. I hope you all feel the same.

It's amazing how every new year we start with already two parties, One is New Years party, of course,and second one is my sisters birthday. It's today.

Soooo...Happy birthday to Eve -  the best big sister in the whole world.

And I'm not saying it only because she's my sister, but because that's how I really feel. Many people who knows us both always ask us -How it's possible that you both have so good friendship even if you have seven year difference?!

To be honest we don't know it either. When I was little we were not so good friends at all. We would quarrel over little things like - Don't you dare to take that chocolate, it's mine and I'm not sharing.

When I was like 8 and my sister was 15 she didn't want to play with me and I couldn't understand why ( now I do and thanks God I didn't have a younger sibling at that age). I would always be sad when she would go to parties or simply out with her friends. I remember thinking - why won't she stay home and watch cartoons with me?!

I think we are much better friends now  because I got older and smarter ( not really, but ohh) and now we have so similar taste in everything - music, books, food, coffee, movies and everything except boys, thanks God we don't have the same taste there otherwise it would be a problem haha.

We have had so many adventures together starting with bike trips and ending with trip to London.
I'm really glad to have a sister with who I can do everything together,we go to parties, we go skiing, we go to concerts, we have those fabulous sister day's when we just spend all day together going to shops and drinking coffee. All of my greatest memories are somehow connected with my sister and to be honest she is the only one who have endure my friendship, my overreacting, screaming, singing, dancing and being simply me for so long.( it's not like she actually have other options.)

She's also always there when I need her the most, she  gives the best advice's when I have absolutely no idea what to do. She never judges me, but will say exactly what she thinks to my face.
I clearly remember the time when we both discovered vintage clothing shop and I was trying on high wasted shorts and my dear sister Eve gave me the look and said - Sweetheart, absolutely not, your ass looks huge in these. Take them off and put them back.

When we were younger our grandma would always buy us matching things - socks, glows, hats and everything. And we both would be like ohhhh we have matching things again...Now omg let's get matching things so everybody knows we are sisters.

Other's  often says that they are so happy and jealous at the same time of our super amazing friendship now. I think many sister's who maybe don't have the best relationships can learn a lot from us.
Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there. 💕

And I know that also after 10,15 or 20 years, when we both are married with kids, we will still always find time for each other ( for a sister's day) And I also know that our husbands will be good friends and also our kids. That's just how it will be. 

It's really hard to put everything out here,when you have so many memories , but you don't want to make chaotic pots ( I kind of feel like I just did it) but I just waned you all to know how proud I am to have such an amazing sister like Eve. I love you to the moon and back.

All the love. Annie.


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