H&M lush lip vinyl.

Hello my lovely readers.

The good thing about working in one of the biggest mall in the city is that you always see whenever something new appears in the shops.

 H&M finally have the beauty line also in our shops. At first I wasn't so sure if I should get something or not because of two reasons :

  • does their cosmetic will be long lasting
  • and do they test or don't test on animals. 

But thanks to my amazing friends who have tried much more from this line I found out that they do not test on animals and also the quality of these products are good. 

The first thing I got from H&M beauty is this liquid lipstick 'Plum Fairy'.

Description - A liquid lip gloss that combines a range of high impact colours with a super-smooth mirror finish. The non-sticky, hydrating formula glides on easily for luxurious, gossy shine. 

Price - €7,99 

Please, before I get any further, always remember not to use these kind of things when it's windy outside and your hair are going all wild. I know - long hair don't care, but it's absolutely not so cool when all your hair is greasy and stuck.

I'm absolutely in love with this colour. It's rick dark and looks absolutely perfect in this weather. For spring or summer you should choose some different colour like milk and honey or chic choc. 

H&M Lush Lip Vinyl are very moisturising, creamy and smooth.I would say that it more looks and feels like a liquid lipstick not lip gloss. They are thick but not gloopy or sticky and don’t settle in lip lines,they also don't leave any marks on clothes or other people cheeks. 

H&M lush lip vinyl does not long so last as we all would like. After one cup of coffee it was still perfect but after some meal it was gone completely. Which is pretty understandable considering that its more like a lip gloss and we all know that lip gloss don't usually last very long. 

I'm absolutely looking forward to try more products from H&M beauty, for example I tried yesterday one of their body splash and I felt in love with that smell....it was like bubble gum or something like that, so I'm definitely getting it for summer. But I was stupid enough not to read the name of it or at least remember how the bottle looked.

Another silly selfie from me.

Also I want to try some of their eye shadows, my friend ( the same who I mentioned at the begging) said that the eye shadows are absolutely perfect and to die for. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and found it useful if you had some doubts about H&M beauty.

All the love. Annie. 


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