Mini Christmas party with friends.

Hello my lovely readers.

Can you imagine its Christmas tomorrow?

So yes, we had little Christmas party tonight and I'm really excited to tell you how it was,because it was absolutely amazing and nice.

So where to began? Let's start with story how I was searching for the presents for my girls.

Here we are not playing ''we will rock you'' 
I think it was the very beginning of December when we made a deal that we all will meet and trow  a little party and give each presents. We were 10 girls and to make things easier we draw one person to get a present.I got Laima....and we did this amazing thing that we choose colour in which the present has to be.And Laimas colour was orange. (yess)

So I got her many little things in orange  - bath bubble,nail polish, candles, sweets, tea, also I wrapped two tangerines and  persimmon. Everything was wrapped in orange crepe paper. I hope Laima will enjoy her present to the fullest, because I think there's everything a girl needs.

To my closest friends Aneta, Sabine and Anna I also got presents - Sabine and Anna got tea's which were 100% vegan and from biologically pure herbs. Aneta got a nail polish in red wine colour and also a herbal tea.

To all other I got a glittery star which you can put in your Christmas tree and sweets. When I was wrapping them I got glittery hands so basically I'm ready for Christmas haha.

And here's the present I got...I'm sure you all want to know what's in there. So I got a chocolate (yasss going to eat it all alone) a picture collage with our trio ( Laima, Aneta and I) and a beautiful gingerbread ( also eating alone) Then Sabine got be purple nail polish ( Yes I forgot to mention that my colour was purple), Aneta got me home made cinnamon waffles and Zanda got me peppermint tea.

Now let's talk about the games. The only game  played was ''party alias''. Girls were playing also some game called ''we will rock you'' but it was too complicated for me. So the party alias is a amazing game for meetings like these.The rules are a bit different than the classic alias. Here you need to use some emotions while explaining, show everyone in speechless show ( the kind of game where you need to explain words, but you can only show it with moves, no talking allowed) or tell a story with all the words you need to explain. The funny thing I got was to explain with emotions and my emotion was - maniac. I was screaming, being rude and I also managed to explain a lot of words. I would love to tell about the emotion Laima needed to show, but I'm not sure if all my readers are legal aged. 

It was really hard when in the speechless show I had to explain a word hedgehog. Like how even? But I managed to do it and girls in my team guessed it. 

I want to say big big big thanks to my amazing girls who made this amazing evening. Thank you Laima, Anna, Aneta, Sabine, Lauma,Zanda,Loreta, Alise and Santa. You all are the best and with out you I think I wouldn't even have real good friends. You all mean the world to me and I love you with all of my heart. 


All together again. (It was really hard to  make this photo, because at first Laima picked up my dress excatly at the moment when the picture was taken, so I moved to other side after that.)
As always silly and beautiful/. 

Here's another one. Pay attention to my beautiful green eyes :D

What happens when ''Waterloo'' starts playing. 

Cheers everyone. 
Thank you everyone for reading.

I wish you Merry merry Christmas,

Spend a nice time with you family and loved ones , eat a lot and don't forget to be all happy.

All the love. Annie Hohohohoho


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