Lush Solid Shampoo Copperhead.

Hello my lovely readers.

I hope you spent amazing Christmas with all your loved ones and ate a lot of goods.I had nice Christmas...these ones were a bit different than other years, but I'm not complaining.

I think the older we get, the more we understand that Christmas is not only about presents and this year I think it affected me more than other years.

So basically it was also reason why I didn't write long letters to  Santa asking for things....I had only some simply wished.

And one of them was something nice from Lush  and It came true.

My brother and his wife got me a solid shampoo from Lush and I, of course, already tried it.

Before I start to tell you how my first experience with this kind of shampoo was, let's go a bit back to September.

When my sister and I was in London we went into this huge Lush store, it was huge seriously and smelled so good that I wanted to get everything from there. ( Don't be surprised, Lush shops here in Latvia are small....and we have only two.)  A girl there got my attention and started talking about these shampoo's , she even showed me how it works on my hands. I was impressed , but not that much to get one already.

To be honest  I completely forgot about it till now. When I told my brother's wife that I want something from lush I was totally sure, they will get me some bath bubble ( and believe me, I wouldn't be mad). But I'm really glad they got me something more interesting. I also got tree small samples of body lotion, normal shampoo and hand cream, they smell like heaven and I'm totally buying the normal size later. My sister got a 'Fun' which looks like plasticine and smells like heaven again, also a bath oil and also some samples. If she will let me try something then get ready for more reviews,

But now back to Solid Shampoo.

To be totally honest with you, I was really skeptical about these, because how can a small soap looking thing help my hair look normal again. My hair remains dirty quit fast and I have tried a lot of shampoo's but there are just some who really do their thing. But after I tried this one....I think I will finally have a favorite shampoo.It made my hair much soften than they are usually, also they are more shiny and smells amazing.

Copperhead consists of red henna infusion, ground coffee, vanilla extract, vetivert oil, cocoa roasted extract and coriander oil. It says that the henna helps your hair feel more relaxed and more shinny. Also It says that it's the best for brunettes and red heads.

I think the biggest pros for this one is that you can take it with you everywhere and it's absolutely perfect for travelling or going to your grandparent's for weekend. Also  when using this you just can't use it too much as it often happens with the regular ones. At least it happens with me - Ohh no there's a spot witch is not foamy, I need another full handful with shampoo. But with solid shampoo I somehow felt that it's enough....maybe because it was my first time using it.

How do you use it? I think it's the most easiest way ever. You just wet your hair, then you take the little beauty and rub it into your hair until it gets foamy. Rub it a bit into your hair and then wash it out. It took me about 2 minutes to wash my hair this evening... So basically if you are running late or you just want to enjoy your coffee longer in the morning these shampoo's absolutely need to be on your daily product rack.

In Latvia's stores they cost something like 8 or 9 euros and there were different kind of colours and smells so everyone can find the one for them .

I'm really glad my brother and his wife got me this, because it surely is amazing. Don't be afraid to try it.

All the Love. Annie.

P.S. Another pro to the Lush cosmetics is that they don't test on animals and are 100% vegan.


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