Christmas ball 2015

Hello my lovely readers.

It's Christmas in 10 freaking days. I'm so excited and so not excited at the same time, because of the weather....It's still the same.

But thanks to the Christmas ball in my old high school, I did get a little Christmas mood on and hopefully it will stay with me for these 10 days.

Also it was amazing to meet all the people from school, have a nice chat and dance till we can't feel our legs. The best part was to finally meet my amazing girls finally for more than 30 minutes.

But let's start from the beginning.

So this Friday was really thrilling for me, I had a lot of planned and I needed to keep in touch with lots of people. I think we all know where this is going....Of course something happened to my phone....not just something.....Basically I'm not able to text people...not just text I also can't tweet anything, write any comments on Facebook or Instagram... basically I can't do anything that includes writing.

So whenever someone texted me on whatsapp I called them. I think that day can go into history a the day when Annie made the most phone calls.

This was also the day when I managed to visit my sister at work and get delicious gingerbread latte, meet Anna for 20 minutes and talk about many things, meet Kristiana and have another latte and then run around many shops searching for princess crowns ( it was already 3.30 when we were searching for them so it means I had only hour and half left to get ready because I needed to be at Laima's at 5pm.)

But somehow I managed to do everything in time. I painted my nails, made my hair curly and was ready exactly at 5pm when Kristiana was picking me up and we were going to Laima's. Laima had the brilliant idea to decor our old class doors.

Our school has a tradition - the class doors need to be decorated according to the Holidays. This year, our old class doors weren't decorated, so we made a Christmas tree with Christmas balls and #13.a in the stars place to make our teacher happy and to remind everyone that we are still the best.

Now let's talk about what I wore to the ball.

In August I saw a beautiful dress in H&M and I knew I need to buy it, there just wasn't a reason. But when I get the invitation to this ball I immediately bought the dress.

This is the dress, just I have it in red colour. I was looking at this green one too, but I didn't want to look like a Christmas tree, so I took the red one.

The shoes I had from last year when we were having ''the last bell at school''. ( That's basically an official way how to tell us that this is it, the final exams are here).They 're simple strap shoes, red with white and with not very high heel. ( Something like 6 cms)
They were like perfectly made for my red dress.

Because I have straight hair everyday, whenever a ball comes or something like that, I try to curl my hair. The best thing for my absolute weird hair is waving rolls. The curls that are made from curling tongs stays like for 10 minutes and then disappears. Yeah, that's how it happens when you have to deal with hair like mine. They could be a bit more grateful, I grew them myself.

I do it like this. After washing my hair I dry them with a hairdryer a little bit, till they're like still wet but after 10 minutes they will be totally dry. Then I put the rolls...more like my mum did, because she's a real pro at things like this. These rolls are working really fast, so I did this all like 30 minutes before going out. If you want to have bigger curls, then you can leave them for the night or at least an hour. So when all my hair were with rolls I dry them a bit more. And then left them for 10 more minutes. Before going out of home I took them out and blown hair spray on the curls. (At times like this I wish my hair would be naturally curly)

I have no idea why but I still had some curls in my hair the whole Saturday.

Here's some really nice selfies we made. Sorry for
all the weird faces. But don't we still look fancy?!

As you can see a little bit I had deep red nail polish and of course my red NIX lipstick.

The thing that I maybe didn't like so much this time was the music. We all were in our dancing moods, but the music DJ put on was not the best. There were just like 10 songs we liked. There was those electro songs what basically just a sound and where all you can do is just shake your body and that's all.

But when ''Thinking out loud'' ''Shine bright like an diamond'' ''Run run Rudolph'' and Backstreet boys came on, we were singing and dancing like crazy.

We all at the beginning of the ball. 

Never without silly faces.

It was really hard to make this photo, because as always me and Laima were laughing hard and we just couldn't focus.
To be honest, it's not that bad actually haha,

Every time after events like this I understand how much I love my friends. You all are the best. Seriously. Thank you for amazing night. Can't wait the next event.

All the love. Annie.


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