A little bit different...

Hello my lovely readers.
I don't know how about you all but I'm somehow not in a Christmas mood, which is weird, because I always am. But this year it feels like it's November and everybody have taken out their decors already. It's because there is no snow and it's raining all the time. It feels like autumn.
Okay that's enough. I will stop complaining now.

Today I want to talk to you about what an amazing day I had today. I met Laima and Aneta today. (I met Aneta for like 20 mins, but that's fine because we are totally meeting next week in the Christmas ball) So basically it was just me and Laima for most of the time.
What I want to talk about is that I don't understand how you can know people only for a year and half, but have a feeling that you have known them for your whole life?!
As some of you may know, I changed schools in the middle of the 11th grade, after being sick with chicken pox for a month. I really fell behind in all the language classes I had in my old school, so I came to one who was much closer to home.
And I think that it was the best decision I have ever made, because here I met the most amazing people ever.

Laima and Aneta are one of the people that give me the feeling that I have known them for a really long time. Laima is the only one who laughs about my knock-knock jokes, because they're funny not because she feels sorry for me. Well...maybe it's because she tells lame jokes too, so we both are the same. We have a lot of things in common and maybe that's why we are such good friends, honestly whenever she or Aneta makes fun of me (which happens quite a lot) I'm never offended, they make it sound so funny that you just can't laugh. (For example, about my style of speaking - I always need to flaunt my hands). The game we play with yellow cars (you have to hit the other person whenever you see a yellow car) they are the only ones with whom I can play this game. Let's not forget also our ''that's what she said'' jokes. I can honestly call them two of my best friends. And as you can see we also really love to take weird selfies and pictures together.

So today, we both (Laima and I) went to Jungle and now we both can acknowledge that the service is not one of the best there, but like I said the food there is too delicious ...so I go there again and again. So we got gingerbread lattes and they were actually good, only it had weird gingerbread pieces at the end of the drink and it didn't feel good when they got into your mouth. The ride home was the funniest part of the day. And that's actually why I decided to write a post about these two - to tell you all how damn funny we are. So Laima and I were driving home by bus, listening to music. She had her own and I had my own. All would be pretty normal until the moment when we started lip syncing songs to each other. Thank God we were sitting at the back and no people saw us...but I'm pretty used to the weird looks we always get. So then I had this brilliant idea that we choose one song but play it at the same time and then lip sync it. Damn, it was so good. We were singing ''Temporary fix'' by One Direction and you honestly can't imagine how funny it looks, when Laima is singing in Niall's voice.

This was a bit different of a post than any others I have, but I really wanted to tell you all how good it is to have such good friends, who understands you perfectly and you can always be silly with. And I think it is really important to have such good friends as I have Laima and Aneta. Like I said, it feels really weird when you can find people and become so close even if you have known them for a year. Thank you, girls, for always being there for me and always making fun about my 1,60m length, my not-bad face and all the other things. I still love you both.

P.S You can't see it (and if you could you probably wouldn't understand) but in the picture where we are on the cover of a magazine, under Harry is written - Harry Styles talks about a relationship with the cover girl. And we all decided that it's about me. Sorry not sorry.

All the love. Annie.


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