Another cozy afternoon

Hello my lovely readers. How are you all in this cold November?

I have two amazing news.

The first one is the most exciting thing ever like really. I'm an auntie for a second time. I think this is the time when you get more excited by every time. So yes I'm the auntie Annie in double. *insert fangirl screaming*

The second thing is also very exciting -We finally have our first snow here in Latvia. It started snowing yesterday exactly when I was on my way to work when I got to work and told my boss that it's snowing I was literally shaking from joy. I even finally put my Christmas lights on my room's window. So everyone can see it. (Also right now I'm listening to my Christmas playlist yaas)

Today was also perfect day because I finally met Jeanette,..Last time I met her normally was one day after I came home from London....yeahh it's been ages.

So we have this really cool place where we always go when we's called Dad Cafe and today I want to tell you more about it.

This is a little part from the cozy cafe.
Dad cafe is a small but very very cozy place in the quiet's how we, Latvians, call the places where you can still walk from the very heart of Riga, but it's much much quieter and peace full.

Jeanette showed me this place last January, I remember than it was snowing really hard that day and it was freezing, So it was even more comfortable to sit in the soft sofa and just relax.

 Today we went there and were greeted by a really nice staff. We ordered our coffees and could peaceful have our chats and catch up. Our conversations basically all about our jobs....seriously, we both are taking a gab year, so while everyone's talking about university, we are like yeahh working is cool.

If you remember in the review about Junge, I wrote how hard is to please me with good coffee right? Then I can say that this is my second favorite place where to get good coffee. It has ineradicable taste like no other coffee, And it comes together with a little cookie. So cute right?

Another thing  what's just so cute and ahh is that the staff came and putted this beautiful candle in a old wine bottle. It just made me feel more like home and more Christmasy. Seriously, what can be better - you sit in a soft and cozy sofa, drink god coffee, the whole place smells like just baked cakes and there's a little,cute light that comes from the candle. P.E.R.F.E.C.T

This is definitely perfect place for good conversations and good coffee and also I think it would be a nice place where you can work if needed, because there's something about this place that makes you feel very warm and good. No one is disturbing you. Just this time there was one guy ( i think he was someone from staff) he was walking all the time past us . How can we make a good selfie if someone is walking past us all the time? Like dude, wait  a bit maybe. Hhaha.

I also really really loved that there were already some Christmas light. Usually at this time Christmas decors are only in shopping centers or in my house. I'm really glad to know that I'm not the only one. Hahah. Another good point for this place is that there's like two rooms. one is where are table and chairs where you can work or sit when you just want to drink your drink or eat and run away. And the other room is with the sofas and more cozy light, which is just perfect for times when you want to sit and have a nice chat with friend who you haven't met for ages. Like me and Jeanette today.

Happy girl enjoying her coffee. 

    I'm sure you all want to know about what we talked....well sad news I'm not telling you all, because basically our conversation is based on jobs, bad jokes and old memories....but we had a nice laugh today when I asked Jeanette to guess what's the theme for my old high school's Christmas ball. ( We have different theme's every year)

Me - You will guess it easy when you think of the first thing that remind you of me.
J -Hm....I don't know....One Direction?
Me - Well no think again.
J - Christmas?
Me - YES. Now put these two things together and you got it.
J - Christmas in London?
And that's how you, my lovely readers, know when your best friend actually really knows you well.

And yes. What's a good meeting with your friend if you don't make any selfies? So here are,I think ,four of the best ones. Excuse our faces haha. BTW If I don't post anymore on here then you know that Jeanette probably killed me because I posted these online.

We also met Anna later, but she wasn't in mood for selfies, we just also had a great chat.

It was really nice to meet my amazing girls, even if it was soo cold and freezing, we still had a great time right?!

I hope you had fun while reading this. If you have any chance to visit Dad Cafe then do it. It's just perfect.

All the love. Annie xoxo.


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