A place for a good coffee and good conversations.

Hello my lovely readers.

It's getting cold and we all are searching for cozy places where to have a nice chat with our friends right?

Well, Costa Coffee is the first place you need to go of course, but this time I'm not talking about my Costa.

This time I will tell you about a really nice place, with good food and good coffee - Junge. 

So basically since I started working at Costa, I know when coffee is good and when not, so  it's really hard to please me with coffee in other coffee shops and places, because I often find myself thinking - this is not how you make latte. Of course I know it's different in every place, but still I'm very used to Costas coffee, so you need to try extra hard with me. Also I find my self often thinking that why is this coffee so not strong? I ordered cappuccino at  CoffeeInn and asked the dude to not make it too foamy....when I started to drink it,it tasted even gentler than our latte. Anyway back to point.

Last May I found out about this place called Junge.lv. It's a confectionery, coffee place and a cafe all at one.

I clearly remember the first time I went there. That was after my blood tests and I was really really hungry and needed coffee so I went in there. And there were just made Nutella croissants...the whole place smelled like hot chocolate and I felt in love. I immediately bought those and also got my self a latte. Also service was on point.

Back then it was much easier with me because coffee was always good for me.( Just not the one they make in McDonald)

Now me and my sister went to this place so days before we went to London. It was a sunny September day and we were having a sister's day as we like to call those days. (Hmm sounds like my next post?!)

I got my self a caramel cappuccino and my sister got hot milk chocolate. We were a bit hungry so we also took cheese croissants.

This time I was a bit disappointed  in service, because the girl didn't listen to my order till end. When I said I want a hot chocolate she immediately run away and started making it, even if I wanted more. I have nothing against waiting a bit after I make my order...better don't interrupt me when I'm in the middle of my saying.

So basically me trying to finish my order and the girl running away all the tame to make it,
 ( It was honestly  like this:
''Medium caramel cappuccino to eat here''
*Girl runs away to make it*
''Also hot milk chocolate medium''
*Runs away again* ) I finally got to point where I said what croissants I want.....till then I thought that my singing teacher made me talk clearly and loud that everyone can understand...now I'm not so sure anymore....Girl heard that I want cheese cakes...and they were expensive like really, I'm not ready to trow my money away for piece of cake.

So at this point maybe it's not that bad that I didn't pay immediately after ordering, because then it would be harder.
Bu thanks God I did get our croissants after all. I had a good mood that day so I just laughed, but honesty, I know how things should be in places like that considering that I'm working in a similar place..and this is not how you do it.

But this happened just one time so it haven't changed my mind about this place and I also really hope nothing will.

So if you ever are in town and want to go somewhere nice, choose Junge. In Riga there's 3 these confectionery's. One on Blaumaņa , one on Brīvības and another one on Marijas street.

It's a really cozy place, also good music playing, comfy sofas where you can sit and enjoy your coffee.

Another good point for this place is that they are having a lot of different sandwiches, which looks freshly made, and what makes me really happy is that they have a vegetarian sandwiches too. Cheers to that!

So I hope you enjoyed my first confectionery's review. It was really fun writing this so I guess you will be able to read something similar soon.

All the love. Annie.

P.S. They are having now the cinnamon, gingerbread and hazel nut lattes...Yass Christmas in the air everywhere.


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