15 movies I watch again and again.

Hello my lovely readers.

Here I am again and this time I'm here with  a list.

Winter and Autumn is clearly that time when we just wanna get cozy under some blanket, get a big bowl of popcorn and watch some really good movies right?

Sometimes I also get in that mood when all I want to do is watch some old cheesy movie where I know every line by heart. Ohhh and I have this really bad habit of  telling the lines before the actors says it. Always annoys everyone.

So I made a list of movies I have watched over and over again and probably will watch another 10 times.

1.Titanic - Yeah yeah I know, typical girl huh. But c'mon Leonardo looks so amazing and uhhh this movie just gets me right in the feels. I'm always crying ALWAYS even if i promise that I won't cry. I think this movie doesn't need any more explanation or something. Everyone has seen it and most of the people love it.

2.Love Actually - I felt in love with the very first minutes of this movie. It was perfect from beginning till the end.Hugh Grant made it even more enjoyable. I really really can't wait the Christmas time when I can watch this every day and regret nothing haha,

3. Home Alone and Home Alone 2  - Do I even need to comment this one? This is simply classic's.

4.When in Rome - I went to watch this one in cinema...and it actually happened on accident , because brother gave me tickets and I didn't have a chance. But turns out it was a really nice romantic comedy with a nice humor. Absolutely loved this movie and also have watched it more than once, haha

5. The Holiday - Another Christmas movie. (Honestly, Christmas time is when I watch movies the most) this is a long movie but absolutely sweet and nice. I watched this movie in the time when my love for UK started and so the part's which happens in UK were absolutely my favorite parts haha.

6.The Great Gatsby - The book, the movie both are just perfect. I was afraid to watch movie, before I had a chance to read a book..but turns out it didn't change much. The movie was really similar to book and I think it's really important.

7.We're the Millers - Not the typical movie I would watch, because I'm not really the biggest fan of this kind of comedy's, but if I have to choose then this probably was the best of all the others I have seen.

8.The Bounty Hunter - I really did enjoy this movie. I'm actually a really big fan of road trips and everything that's similar to that so I was really really enjoying this one. Maybe not really one of the best movies ever but I loved it.

9.17 again - I added this movie to this list only because I can't totally forget about my younger self when I thought no one is cutter than Zac Efron. Back then I was totally in love with this movie...I haven't seen it for long , but I'm sure if I would watch it then I would still adore the young Zac Efron.

10. 10. things I hate about you. - Most of people who I know loves this movie and I'm one of them. It's real and nothing like the typical love movies. And Heath Ledger with the long and curly hair...ahhhh.

11.Sweet Home Alabama - This one was really sweet and nice movie. It was easy to watch it. I remember watching it together with my sister and we were literally analyzing which of the guys are better.

12.Tangled - This is my all time favorite animated movie. And also this one has a good story. It was summer 2013 and my brother's little daughter was staying with me and we watched this movie like 5 times in a row...I know every line now.

13. All the parts of Rocky - Yaasss. Here you go thinking - ohh this girl watch just romantic movies. Nahh you're wrong.I can never say no to Rocky movie marathon. I remember when I was little I used to sit all night watching Rocky and not paying attention to anything else. This just like Home Alone, are simply classic and I'm sure there are more girls who absolutely adore this movie.

14. Nowhere Boy - What can be better than watching movie about one of your favorite bands? Yeah this movie made me cry, smile and laugh. Aaron Johnson did a really really great job.

15. Not another happy ending - This was one of the last movies I watched and I loved it. It was interesting and easy to watch ( basically just noticed that it's important for me haha) This movie made me think even more that I really do wanna be a journalist. Even if it wasn't about journalism, it still made me thing of it.

So I hope that you really did enjoy my little review's about my favorite movies. It was actually really hard to remember then....I know that there were like 3 movies that I couldn't remember the name or any actor names.

If you found some movie to watch then take a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy cozy Saturday evening!!.

All the love. Annie.


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  1. Love Actually is one of my favourite films to watch especially when it's christmas, it's the one thing my family can agree on watching together! I also love 17 Again, Zac Efron is just too hilarious! xx