Hello my lovely readers.

I know that for a lot of people favorite time of the year is October - December. And I'm definitely one of them. So I came up with lots of amazing ideas for my posts starting from October. We could call it like story series calling it -the best time of the year.

The first thing we will talk about will be Halloween. Yes, it's very exciting. Sometimes I wish that in my country ( Latvia) we would celebrate it as much as they do in UK, USA etc. But we don't and also many people in Latvia are very skeptical about Halloween what I think it pretty much unnecessary.

But me and my friends (and I know that here's a lot of my age people who do) trow a little Halloween party's. I have been to two Halloween party's and now you are going to find out about my amazing costume's I had.

So the first party happened in 2012 with my old class mates and their friends. To be honest this was one of the last party's I had with these people, because with me changing school's I kind of lost the contact with them.

So back to the Halloween. That year I was dressed up as a leopard....but everyone thought that I'm a simple cat and kept on calling me kitty all night long. Have to be honest that was annoying. Also I know how actually lame of me was to be a cat in Halloween....but ehhh, but what do you want I was 16 or 17 back then and at this age all the girls wants to be cat's.

To make my self look like a leopard (I will say leopard coz it doesn't sound so lame as simply cat) I took out my old leopard print leggings (finally a good use for them joking). For the top I  took a simple black tank top, because I thought if the top will be in leopard print too it will simply be too much. Also it wouldn't look good anymore because the prints wouldn't mach, so yes I wore black and it still looked good. 

My mum is a preschool teacher and we all know that they are often making those little plays where they dress up as animals and like that (I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about, when I was preschool I had the main role :D ) So yes, that's why it wasn't hard for me to find the kitty ears. What made this all even more amazing was that they were in leopard print. 

Now to the make up.I was putting the most effort for my make up because that's the first thing people usually notices in Halloweens. So I took my very black liquid eye liner and first thing I did was color my nose black...so it looks like a cat nose and also you just can't forget the cat whiskers and I added dark red lipstick on my lips. 

Then with the same eye liner I made cat eyes. For the girls who are used to put eye liner every day it won't be that hard to make cat eyes. But for those at first I took eyeliner what's not liquid...to make contours and then with the liquid eye liner I made the black color more pronounced.If you don't really know how to make the perfect cat eyes just search for some videos on youtube.com because that's exactly what I did back in 2012, when I had no idea what to do with eye liner. 

I feel really sad because there's not a single picture from this Halloween party an I can't show you how this all looked together. Also you can't see those killer cat eyes, because guys, seriously, I was so proud with my work. But at least I got a lesson - to always take a picture when you do something like this. 

Now let's move to last year. 

Last year we were celebrating my friend's 18 birthday and she said that we all need to come in some cool Halloween costumes. This year I was much more creative than before...I guess it has to do something with me  getting older and smarter haha. I dressed up as Wednesday Adams. 

So this was really easy. For those who are lazy or doesn't have so much time to come up with something they can always dress up as someone from the Adams family. 

And look I even have a picture. haha. We were seriously taking lots of selfies that night. So as you see there isn't really much I did. I just two braids and wore a black shirt kind of dress. And that's pretty much it. Probably the hardest part of all this was to keep myself into this role and not laugh every two seconds as I usually do it. Actually when I write this all down....nahhh not older and smarter..more like older and lazier haha. 
I also forgot to mention that this was the year when my friends made me watch a horror movie. Me the most sensitive human being ever walked on his planet needed to watch a horror movie and my friends even said that it's not that scary. Like c'mon it was. But to be honest....I want to watch more horror movies...but only because it's Halloween time haha. 

So I still don't know if me and my friend's are doing something this year for Halloween more than just saying - we definitely need to do something cool this year,but if suddenly something comes up then I have already thought about some ideas for this year's costumes. 
But I won't tell you now, because if we end up doing something then there will not be any surprises right? And we don't want that. 

So you will just have to wait a bit.

All the love. Annie. 


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