Things to take with you while travelling.

Hello my dear readers.

Lately I've been writing here a lot, mainly because I finally have some holidays and also because I have so many ideas I want to share with you,that I simply can't wait any longer.

Today I will talk with you about really important things like travelling and packing your luggage.

You all my now know that in two weeks me and my sister are going to London. Just we both. So we

are going to have extremely amazing adventure. What, honestly, scares me the most is packing. Not like I'm too lazy or I have never packed anything before. I'm scared of forgetting something at home.Like something really important for example like my phone charger. That would be a nightmare right??
So that's today I made a list whit things you compulsory need to have in you bag while travelling, °

As I already mentioned going to other country or even city means taking a lot of pictures. So that's why you just have to put your phone charger immediately as you start packing.If its done then you know - you won' have to worry much.

Then you definitely don't want to leave at home your passport or other important travelling documents like hotel reservations or flight details.But them in some waterproof folder so you know nothing bad will happen with them.

When you start to pack you hygienic products, don't forget that you are not going to uninhabited island (in case you are then this doesn't apply to you) and you don't need to take everything with you. There will be shops and in case you run out of something you will always be able to buy more.
But go with absolutely nothing is also not a good idea. So that's why me and my sister bought Superdrug shampoo. It's only 100ml. Of course for two girls with long hair this won't be enough for 7 days, but at least it's something for the beginning right?
Btw the smell of this shampoo is so amazing. Like really!

So in case your hotel doesn't give you free shampoo then you can be sure that for first days you have your shampoo and you don't have to search for the shop in the first day.
I think it's better to buy these small editions than buy small bottles and fill them  with your shampoo or shower gel, because at least here in Latvia the price to the little empty bottles is the same as to little editions of shampoo's and shower gel's.

Also I know many people who takes dry shampoo while travelling. Personally, I haven't tried it and also I'm kind of afraid to try it. My hair gets dirty pretty fast so I would never endure whole 7 days in London only with dry shampoo haha,

Let's move to next big category - clothes. We are planning to do some shopping while we are in the London. So it means than we will need a lot of free space in suitcase when going home. But at the same time being me, I want to look great in those days, So the best idea is to plan outfit for everyday. I know this sounds kind of stupid, but at least it will let you avoid taking many things you don't even need and you won't use while being there.
Always take clean underwear with you and extra socks. I guess these are those things take you can never take too much.
That's why before you go search in google the weather in the city and plan what you need and what you sure thing don't need. Better take one warm sweater than 10 t-shirts.
Also don't forget that where ever you are going, you will buy new clothes so you need to leave space. Always keep that in mind before packing haha.

If you are going to big city and you never been there before, you have to have a MAP of that city. Otherwise you will get lost.
I remember the time when we went to Strasbourg in the 9th grade. And me and my friend were walking a lot, taking pictures and not paying  attention where exactly we are going. And we got lost. We had only 30 minutes till our bus would leave and we had absolutely no idea where we were. Thanks God to the nice people who helped us to get to the bus station. So better print it out or buy a map.

And the most important thing what you need to take with you is a GOOD MOOD.  You need to enjoy the time you spend there because ho knows when will be the next time. So leave all your worried behind and have the time of your life while enjoying your trip.

These are just some thing I could think of at the moment and actually i think these pretty much are the most important ones.Always remember don't take too much things with you, because you always will come back with even more things and don't forget your good mood. ;)

All the love. Annie.


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